My Bullion Dealer Asked Me for Help…What’s this SEMI-NUMISMATIC SILVER really worth? #Giveaway .com/watch?v=LhA3EVz2KqY

My bullion dealer asks me for help. What’s this semi-numismatic silver worth? In this video I discuss semi-numismatic silver and whether it’s really worth stacking semi-numismatic silver. A semi-numismatic coin is a coin whose value is partially derived from its numismatic value and partially from its bullion value. The term “numismatic” refers to a silver coin or silver round’s desirability due rarity, uniqueness, and overall attractiveness that has absolutely nothing to do with its silver content…or gold content for that matter. Semi-numismatic silver can be either a coin or round depending on whether or not they were minted from a government mint or private mint and if they have a currency value stamped on them. The thing to remember semi-numismatic is that you’ll be paying an extra silver premium on top of their bullion silver value. They are essentially hybrid silver coins, both a play on the price of silver and the silver collectibles market. There are three reasons why you may want to stack semi-numismatic silver coins and I discuss them in the video. I ALSO announce a silver bullion giveaway from SD Bullion! Watch the video all the way through to see how to enter the silver giveaway of an entire tube of silver rounds!🥇🥈 ENTER THE SILVER MONSTER BOX SWEEPSTAKES! ➡ Marschner The Coin and Stamp Shop 300 Granite Street Manchester, NH 03102 (603) 624-4400🔔 TEST YOUR METALS WITH THE POCKET PINGER! ➡ 🔥 BECOME A “YANKEE CANNON” MEMBER TODAY ➡💪🏼 Hold our government accountable ➡ 👚 Buy Yankee Stacking Merch: 💲 SAVE $50 with Yankee’s Gold/Silver IRA custodian: 🔘 Get your StickerMule stickers with a $10 discount: 🅿 PayPal / Venmo / Zelle / Email: [email protected] 💌 Mailing Address: Yankee Stacking, PO Box 671, Londonderry, NH 03053 💕 My uPVC Coin Flips ➡ 💕 My Half Dollar Guardhouse 📦 ➡ 💕 My Quarter Guardhouse 📦 ➡ 💕 My 🎤 ➡ 💕 My🎤 Stand ➡ 💕 My🎤 to iPhone Adapter ➡ 💕 My📱Camera Tripod ➡ 💕 My Computer Monitor ➡ 💕 My Coin/Mouse Mat ➡ 💕 My Prepper Bidet (Who needs TP!) ➡ 💕 My Digital Scale ➡ 💕 My Mini Water Filter ➡ 💕 My Family Sized Water Filter ➡ and 💕 My Emergency Food ➡ ▶︎ I am not a professional financial adviser, nor do I offer financial advice. This video is for entertainment only. Please consult your investment and tax experts for financial advice. ▶︎ This channel adheres to Google and YouTube’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policies and Community Guidelines. ▶︎ I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Some of the above links are affiliate links where I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. ▶︎ Official Disclaimers: ▶︎ Official Giveaway Rules: ▶︎ Google’s Privacy Policy: ▶︎ YouTube Terms of Service: ▶︎ YouTube Community Guidelines: All entries which don’t comply with YouTube’s Community Guidelines will be disqualified. ————————————————————————————– Music By: “Three Little Drummers from the George Washington Show” and “Bugle Feature: Pezel Twist from Warlike Musick” by The United States Army Old Guard: Music By: Music licensed under a Creative Commons Public Domain Mark 1.0 License: Discussed: silver,silver bars,silver dealer,bullion dealer,online bullion dealer,semi-numismatic silver,gold,economy,silver coins,silver rounds,what silver to buy,buying semi-numismatic coins,precious metals,silver collectibles,bitcoin,digital currencies,CBDC,central banks,federal reserve,invest,fiat currency,hedge,debt,wealth,spot price,silver stacking,stacking silver,stack silver,silver bullion,gold coins,investing,investing in silver,how to invest in silver#Silver #SilverBag #SemiNumismatics

19 thoughts on “My Bullion Dealer Asked Me for Help…What’s this SEMI-NUMISMATIC SILVER really worth? #Giveaway

  1. *PLEASE* Watch out for imposters on SD Bullion 20 giveaway. They tried contacting me today. Absolutely love this channel and all the information/knowledge that is shared by yankee and tim. Keep up the great work u guy’s.

    1. @Yankee Stacking hey yankee have you ever heard of guidence corporation for bullion dealer trying to find out if it is a safe place to buy from . Thanks

  2. I worry about coins that I’m not familiar with. I found some very accurate fake American eagle coins on eBay, luckily I could see minor variations in the strike. I heated one of the coins and the silver plating came off.

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