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Building your WordPress website is just the start. Once you’ve finished, what’s next?Here is my collection of 8 must-have WordPress plugins that I install on almost every site. I’ve also included a selection of great alternatives.Maximise your website speed, strip unwanted code, install a CDN, optimise your images and improve your WordPress security with this solid tech stack!===== My 8 MUST Have WordPress Plugins ===== Perfmatters: BunnyCDN: WPCompress: WPVivid Backup Pro: iThemes Security: HappyFiles: SEOPress: Autoptimise: Alternative Tools: =====Freesoul Deactivate Plugins: CloudFlare: ShortPixel: TinyJPG/PNG: Insanity: WordFence: UpDraftPlus: WPRocket: My Recommended Tutorials =====UpdraftPlus: PerfMatters: Freesoul: WPVivid: your WordPress website and skills to the next level!► THE TOOLS I LOVE ◄ If you like what we do and would like to support us, please consider using these affiliate links when purchasing any of the plugins covered in our tutorials. Thank you for your support.► EXCLUSIVE WPTUTS DISCOUNTS ◄ ✅ WPVivid Backup Pro: (use WPTUTS20 for 20% off) ✅ Project Huddle: (WPTUTS for 20% off – Exclusive)► MY PREFERRED HOSTING PROVIDERS ◄ ✅ CloudWays: ✅ SiteGround:► WORDPRESS VISUAL PAGE BUILDERS ◄ ✅ ELEMENTOR PRO: ✅ Brizy Pro: ✅ DIVI 3 Page Builder:► WORDPRESS THEMES ◄ ✅ GeneratePress Premium: ✅ OCEANWP: ✅ DIVI Theme: ✅ Astra Pro:► WORDPRESS TOOLS ◄ ✅ SMART SLIDER 3: ✅ CSSHERO:► WORDPRESS PLUGINS ◄✅ SEOPress Pro:► SUBSCRIBE ◄► LETS CONNECT: ◄ 👉 Twitter: 👉 Facebook Group: Our website offers additional information and perks. Please check it out!

21 thoughts on “My 8 ESSENTIAL WordPress Plugins

  1. don’t a lot of these plugins overlap. For instance, I use Swift Performance for caching and it has many of the autoptimise? I optimize my images in advance…how would WPCompress help?

    1. Hey Michael, thanks for the comment and question.

      The main takeaway from the video is that these are my preference and recommendations.

      If you’re finding Swift is working well, stick with it. A tool like WP Compress is very useful for not only compressing your images but also generating WebP versions and optimising the additional files that WP generates when an image is uploaded.

      Optimising your images before uploading is good practice (as pointed out during the video), but it won’t help with the files WP creates for every image upload.

      Do you need a tool like WP Compress? No. But it does have benefits if you need them.

      I hope that helps? 😁

  2. Hey Paul, great video! Do you have any solution to cover custom login, register, password recovery forms in elementor?

  3. Thanks Paul. Awesome as usual. You got me going building my own website from scratch using your video tuts. Love it.

    1. @WPTuts  Thank you so much for the fast reply, really appreciate it. I was looking at Termageddon service and now i will look into this other one 👍

  4. 0:00 WPVivid Backup Pro
    4:30 iThemes Security
    5:50 SEOPress
    9:46 Perfmatters
    14:33 Autoptimise
    17:00 WPCompress
    20:28 BunnyCDN
    22:35 HappyFiles

  5. Once you become aware of him saying “go ahead and” & “I’ve gone ahead and”, it becomes really annoying.

  6. Hello and thank you for the video. Any chance you do a video detailing which Plugins or types of Plugins are now longer needed in 2022 since WordPress itself has evolved and includes features that were only available via a Plugin? our site was designed in 2015 and has had incremental plugins added and remove since, but I often wonder if we can remove some of the Plugins to speed up and secure the site (Blog and Woocommerce store) better. It would be helpful if Worpress upgrades came with details on which plugins features they’ve incorporated into the program so you no longer need to add the plugin.

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