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👉 Multi Currency For WooCommerce is one of the best free plugin for the Currency switcher on the WooCommerce. Let’s see why it is the best? 00:00 Intro 01:15 Download and install Multi Currency for WooCommerce 01:45 Set up and use the Currencies bar. 03:44 Assign the pages to display the currencies bar. 06:05 Set up and use Auto detect currency option. It helps to detect the prices on your WooCommerce in the customer’s currency based on Customer’s IP. 07:00 Set up and use Approximate price to display the prices in both currencies. 07:57 Set up and use the fixed price option for overwriting the prices in second currency. 09:17 The outstanding feature of WooCommerce Multi Currency premium version when compared with free version. 👉 You can see how to: 🍀 Install and use WooCommerce Multi Currency plugin: 🍀 WooCommerce Multi Currency – Auto detect Currency on your WooCommerce Store: 👉 Download the free version: 👉 Purchase Premium version: 👉 Follow our network: 🍀 FB: 🍀 Twitter: 🍀 YouTube:… 🍀 Villatheme webpage: #Best_Free_Currency_plugin #VillaTheme