Mozart Gala for Roma 3 Orchestra The ‘Veni,vidi,vici’ of Valerio Vicari

Mozart Gala for Roma 3 Orchestra              The ‘Veni,vidi,vici’ of  Valerio Vicari

It was Rubinstein who quipped that Tureck makes Bach box office and I think we can say judging from the full house at Teatro Palladium that Valerio Vicari makes Mozart box office too .Valerio Vicari,the artistic director of the Roma Tre Orchestra and concert season at the University where he too was a student under Prof.Robert Pujia.Together with the help of the University they have created over the past twenty years a reality that is proving to be unique in Italy.A season for Young Artists on the threshold of starting a career in music giving concerts even during the pandemic thanks to streaming from their Teatro Palladium.Valerio is also Professor of Latin and corrected my Italian title to the more perfect Latin …….hats off indeed and many thanks for all that he is doing .

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The Symphony No. 25 in G minor, K. 183/173dB, was written by the then 17-year-old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in October 1773,shortly after the success of his opera seria Lucio Silla. It was completed in Salzburg on October 5, a mere two days after the completion of his Symphony No. 24.Its first movement was used as the opening music in Miloš Forman’s film biographical Amadeus.
This is one of two symphonies Mozart composed in G minor, sometimes referred to as the “little G minor symphony”. The other is the Symphony No. 40.
The symphony is laid out in standard classical form:
Allegro con brio,
Menuetto & TrioTrio Allegro.
Scored for two oboes, two bassoons, four horns and strings.
Convitto Vittorio Locchi

Now the solo concerts are held in the splendid surroundings ,just a stones throw from the theatre ,in the Convitto Vittorio Locchi.

Valerio Vicari still a student at heart but with a unique managerial capacity to organise and galvanise his young forces that flock to him for assistance

The theatre is now mainly the seat for the orchestral concerts that Valerio has battled to create over the last sixteen or more years giving valuable orchestral experience to young talented musicians freshly minted from the many State run Conservatories that abound in Italy.No one thinks about what do these superbly trained young musicians do once their studies are completed.Well Valerio has found a solution for these young musicians who are ever grateful for a serious platform in which to gain invaluable concert experience.This activity after twenty long years has now been recognised by the Government authorities.An activity,that despite all the difficulties,the mission of Roma 3 has never wavered and now with this financial backing can take the message of music and youthful hope into many places in Italy far from the Eternal city.

A reality too that includes themed concerts in the historic Teatro Torlonia where the young musicians share the platform with distinguished critics and musicologists giving a unique insight into the music to be played

Valerio Vicari ,artistic director ;Giovanni Bertolazzi ,Liszt soloist;
Prof Roberto Pujia,President of Roma Tre

Mozart does you good as the full house and final ovation can confirm with Roma 3 Orchestra at Teatro Palladium.

Some very impressive conducting from Vakhtang Gabidzashvili

An orchestra that is now being heard not only in Rome but in tournées throughout Italy .An impressive amalgamated sound in Mozart’s early G minor Symphony under Vakhtang Gabidzashvili.An orchestra that knew how to sensitively support the two solists who had stood in at short notice for an indisposed violinist/ pianist.

Leonardo Spinedi,soloist and also leader of the Roma 3 orchestra
Mozart in 1770 aged fourteen The Violin Concerto No. 3 in G major K.216 was composed in Salzburg in 1775 when Mozart was 19 years old.In a letter to his father Mozart called it the “Straßburg-Concert”,which comes from the motive in the third movement’s central section, a local, minuet-like dance that already had appeared as a musette – imitating tune in a symphony by Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf
It is scored for solo violin two flutes (second movement only), two oboes ,two horns in G and D, and strings

The leader of the orchestra Leonardo Spinedi valiantly stepping in with a very authoritative performance of the 3rd violin concerto.Playing with grace and charm and imbuing this much loved concerto with great style.

This portrait of Mozart was painted in 1777 in Bologna the same year as the Piano Concerto No. 9 K. 271 known as the Jeunehomme or Jenamy concerto,written in Salzburg in 1777, when the composer was 21 years old.The work is scored for solo piano, 2 oboes,2 horns (in E♭), and strings

He composed the work for Victoire Jenamy, the daughter of Jean – Georges Noverre and a proficient pianist.Mozart himself performed the concerto at a private concert on 4 October 1777. Jenamy may have premiered the work earlier.Charles Rosen describes it as ‘perhaps the first unequivocal masterpiece of the classical style .Alfred Brendel chose it as his farewell to the concert platform and called it “one of the greatest wonders of the world”.Alfred Einstein dubbed it “Mozart’s Eroica”.

Ruben Micieli standing in at a few days notice with a sparkling performance Mozart ‘Jeunehomme’ concerto and an encore of Mozart alla Turca!

Ruben Micieli learnt the Jeunehomme in just a few days and like ‘the young man’ he filled it with sparkling clarity and purity of sound .But it was Mozart goes to town that stole the show as Ruben gave a breathtaking account of Fazil Say’s virtuoso show piece,a fantasmagoric Mozart encore that brought the house down .

Valerio Vicari has also sought out partnerships with other important realities that are dedicated to promoting young musicians at the start of their career .One of these is the Keyboard Charitable Trust in London who are promoting several concerts each year together.Giovanni Bertolazzi and Jonathan Ferrucci have given several important concerts in Villa Torlonia. Leone went from Torlonia to London and back again this year for the inauguration of the new university venue This year Simone Tavoni will be playing on the 9th February at the Convitto Vittorio Locchi and Ruben Micieli will be playing for the Keyboard Trust in London on the 19th April.

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