Taking Care Of Orders – WooCommerce Guided Tour

15 thoughts on “Taking Care Of Orders – WooCommerce Guided Tour

  1. I am selling online courses using Woocommerce, tutor LMS and Razorpay. I want to give automatic access to the course once once payment is done by the customer. but in Woocommerce general setting I am not getting ORDER AUTO PROCESS option. How to solve it?

  2. How to set up a woocommerce for downloadable products only. Please, I need your contact cos am already in need of it now

  3. Thanks for the video. Do all orders need to go from “On Hold” to any status by us, as merchants or is all statuses automatic? I’m not sure why I have an order that went to “Cancelled” when the customer did not do that. It must have been me accidentally but I don’t know what I did when I didn’t touch anything in the control panel, but the store got the payment and is fulfilling the order so not sure why WooCoommerce is showing it as “Cacncelled.” Are all statuses a manual process by the merchant or is it automated? Thanks!

  4. Very nice informative helpful video. I have been receiving order notifications(email) via my printful POD plugin, but nothing from woocommerce ,can i get my orders in confirmation from Woo ?

  5. I am receiving email processing information of the order, but it is no where to be found in my WooCommerce orders tab. How can I go about troubleshooting this? Thank you!

  6. One of my new sites, is experiencing lots of “FAILED ORDERS” I use PayPal as payment processor. 😢

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