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Did you know that it is possible to improve management control?This video is an updated version of the video Management Control Systems that I published in 2014, with better quality of image and sound, and with a slightly different approach.The 2014 video can be seen through the following link: – the content: This video presents the main problems of management control and offers three types of control to overcome them. The main problems are: – Lack of Direction – Lack of Motivation – Lack of Abilities The types of controls are: – Results Controls – Action Controls – Personnel ControlsAbout the references: This video was based in the following bibliographic references: – Silva, Paulino. (2012). Sistemas de Controlo de Gestão: Uma abordagem operacional. Contabilidade & Empresas, 15(2), 16–18. – Merchant, Kenneth & Van der Stede, Wim (2003). Management Control Systems: Performance Measurement, Evaluation and Incentives. Prentice Hall Financial Times. – Merchant, Kenneth (1998). Modern Management Control Systems: Texts and Cases. Prentice Hall. – Emmanuel, Clive; Otley, David & Merchant, Kenneth. (1990). Accounting for Management Control. International Thomson Business Press.About acknowledgements: Some pictures used in this video were downloaded from the Unsplash website and I would like to thank the following photographers: – Marko Blažević – Karolina Wv – Sabrina Wendl – Geran de Klerk – Wynand van Poortvliet

6 thoughts on “Management Control – How to Improve It? – Management Control Systems

  1. Nice video, very well explained. In your opinion, what is the best book on management control systems? Or where can I learn about controlling more in depth?

    1. Thank you very much for your feedback, ReneMC! I would suggest two excellent books on management control: the Anthony’s classic: “Management Control Systems”, from Robert N. Anthony and Vijay Govindarajan and one best seller on this topic: “Management Control Systems: Performance Measurement, Evaluation And Incentives”, from Kenneth A. Merchant and Wim Van Der Stede. Hope it would help ;)!

  2. Thank you for the informative video. Nice presentation on the Merchant management control system framework. You should make one regarding the differences in The Anthony Model, Simons Levers of Control, and Merchant MCS. Cheers!

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