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Mayors, let’s play a new version of our mini-game with cubes! 🥳
🎲 Click on cubes of the same color to break them;
🎲 Complete a task of each level to get event points;
🎲 The more levels you complete in a row, the more points you get on each level;
🎲 Accumulate points and get rewards for them.

The main reward 🎁 is the futuristic Ian Potter Centre located in Australia 🇦🇺; size 10×10, will give glass baubles all season long.

Requirements: Level 15+

To take part in the event, click the event icon in the right-hand menu.

You can access the game field by pressing the green button – it’s time to play!

What to do?

You have a field with cubes and a task asking you to remove a certain number of cubes of a certain color.

You are given a specified number of turns to complete this task.

You need to break 2 or more cubes of the same color standing together.

Breaking cubes of the color specified in the task will count toward the task and bring you closer to completing the level.

Breaking cubes of other colors will clear the field for you but will not count toward your task.

So, you need to break the number of cubes specified in the task within a given number of turns.
If you manage to do this, you get Player tokens.

Accumulating Player tokens will help you receive event rewards.

If you run out of turns before you complete a level, you have the following options:

1. Press the red button. Pressing the red button leads to failing the level. You will quit the level and the mini-game. You will lose 1 life, your level of progress, and your lucky streak.

2. Press the green button. Pressing the green button will give you 5 extra turns for the amount of seasonal currency specified on the button. You will not fail the level as you will be given 5 more turns. The price of extra turns may vary from 15 to 25.

How to obtain lives?

The maximum number of lives you can have is 5. In the beginning, you have 5 lives.

When you enter a level, you do not spend a life. You spend it only if you fail to complete a level (that is, you run out of turns and quit the level by pressing the red button).

Lives are restored automatically. It takes 40 minutes to restore one life.

You can buy lives for superbucks.

Luck streak

This is a new feature that helps you get more Player tokens for completing 2 or more levels in a row.

Normally, you get 1 Player token for completing a level.

However, if you complete more than 1 level in a row without losing, the number of Player tokens you receive for completing each subsequent level will increase.

It works like that:

If you complete 1 level, you get 1 Player token.
If you complete the 2nd level in a row without losing, you get 2 Player tokens.
If you complete the 3rd level in a row without losing, you get 3 Player tokens.
If you complete the 4th level in a row without losing, you get 4 Player tokens.
If you complete the 5th level in a row without losing and further on, you get 5 Player tokens.

You can get up to 5 Player tokens per level.

You can keep track of your lucky streak here:

The highlighted number indicates the number of Player tokens you will receive for completing the next level.

However, if you fail a level, the lucky streak will reset. You fail a level when you choose to quit the game after you have run out of turns.


You obtain event rewards by accumulating Player tokens.

You need to fill the progress bar by earning Player tokens to get your next reward.

The full list of event rewards is situated here:

There you can see all the rewards that await you in the event. You will receive them one by one after you have accumulated the needed number of Player tokens.

Main Reward: The Ian Potter Centre: 4900 coins, 1-4 energy, and 2-3 baubles every 24 hours;
size 10×10 can be placed anywhere.

You need at least 15 Participation certificates to enter the rating.

To obtain Participation certificates, you need to break 4 or more cubes of the same color per turn.

Compete with other Mayors and collect more Participation certificates to get rewards!

The first 25 top players get rewards:

1st place reward: 35 superbucks, 45 baubles

2nd place reward: 25 superbucks, 40 baubles

3rd place reward: 15 superbucks, 35 baubles

4th-6th places: reward: 30 baubles
7th-10th places reward: 25 baubles
11th-15th places reward: 20 baubles
16th-20th places reward: 15 baubles
21st-25th places reward: 10 baubles

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