Lets Go Karting, The Basics and Joy of Driving



We do a video on the basics of karting and how people can enjoy driving for lower costs with high rewards. We also discuss Arrive and Drive and league racing. If you are a first-time driver or even someone who wants to try wheel to wheel competition, we explain the benefits with the help of Autobahn Country Club Kart Circuit. We also announce meet up and kart events we will be at.Video Shot at

Kart Circuit Autobahn – Joliet IL
#karting #diy #funIndex: 0:00 – 1:23 Intro 1:23 – 5:05 Understanding the Kart and Driving Basics 5:05 – 7:38 How to Advance Driving Skills 7:38 – 8:59 Kart Circuit Autobahn 8:59 – 10:30 Karting for Different People 10:30 – 12:44 Leagues and Local Arrive and Drive Events 12:44 – 14:02 Getting into a Kart 14:02 – 15:56 Getting Comfortable and the Mechanics of a Kart 15:56 Racing and League Night Formats and Successful Habits

20 thoughts on “Lets Go Karting, The Basics and Joy of Driving

  1. GooseMan coming with the content we really want. Wait, do the karts come with heated cup holders for my chai tea latte?

    1. You probably dont give a damn but does anybody know of a tool to log back into an instagram account..?
      I somehow lost my login password. I appreciate any help you can give me

    2. @Aron Ernesto Thanks so much for your reply. I got to the site on google and im trying it out now.
      Seems to take a while so I will get back to you later with my results.

    3. @Aron Ernesto It did the trick and I now got access to my account again. Im so happy!
      Thanks so much, you really help me out!

  2. Looks really cool! I have k1 near me, but moving to the Dallas area and looks like there’s a nice outdoor track there. Looking forward to going with my kids!

  3. My favorite video by savage geese. I’ve been driving sports cars, ambulances, and liter motorcycles, but those are all things you ultimately do by yourself. This looks like fun and something worth sharing.

  4. I’ve loved karting since I was a boy. I really need to allocate some more money to it as it’s such fun

  5. Man, i think my family is about to invest time and money in karting. Im already starting to loose my nerve. Like, what if someone divebombs you and breaks your cart? What happens if you end up not improving in karting? Do i really have the time to continue karting? My dad really wants to buy a sail boat or an ultralight craft. What if i waste this opportunity? That would also mean i wasted my parent’s sacrifice. I can’t get a job yet because of age in my country unlike you guys in the USA so i’ll be 100% reliant on my parents.

    It’s really difficult cause starting in karts already costs about 700k which is only 400k less than what our family car was worth brand new.

  6. Thank you👆👆 for always coming through imma keep vouching and recommending you man 💯✅

  7. Great tips, That was very helpful Mark, you got me back into karting again. Next event booked!

  8. I’m hitting COTA Austin this weekend for my cousin’s bachelor party, I knew I had to double back here ahead of it to make sure I get the fastest heat time 😎

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