Launch a job board or job website using WP Job Manager, Neve Theme and WordPress in 62 minutes .com/watch?v=QPwEvtP4KhE

This video is a complete walkthrough and guide for launching a job board website. So if you’re new to wp job manager, and want a crash course, this job board step-by-step tutorial is for you.—— !!! Just so you know, unfortunately, I would not have time to answer the questions in the comments anymore.I left the comments open on this video, though, so that it eventually becomes a community-driven questions and answers space. So if you know the answer to a question and have the time to do it, please give back to the community by helping out. ——Here are some of the things that I’ll go over in this new video:First, I’ll show you what are we going to build. This is a quick walkthrough through the final result – I’ll remind you to think about your business strategy. We aren’t just building another website here, you are trying to setup a business and to make some money. And we want you to be successful at this. So check the 2 crucial elements that make up your strategy up, I’ll ask you to share in the comments the place you are currently watching this from. Because of covid-19 we haven’t been able to travel recently, I’d like us to share some pictures showing the beauty of the place you live in. If you want to see where I’m recording this from, check it out here we will install and configure Neve theme (it’s free, don’t worry), will import a pre-made Neve site, will install and configure WP Job Manager, WP Job Manager Applications and WP Job Manager Resumes we will configure the Job Packages so employers could buy them or subscribe to having their listings displayed. We’ll install and configure WooCommerce, WP Job Manager WC Paid Listings and WooCommerce Subscriptions, I will show you how to configure the job submission page by adding or editing the fields on the form. We will install and configure WP Job Manager Field Editor’s the final result – your job board with all the features – a quick walkthrough, I want to show you 4 case studies with real-world job board websites that I’ve been working on with my team. These range from simple job board website, to hr marketplaces, to complex self-service recruitment platforms – in all, you’ll have a WP Job Manager job board step by step guide that you can use to build your own recruitment website.BONUS: This video contains some premium plugins that you’d need to buy in order use. Since the plugins are under GPL license and can be freely distributed, I want you to get access to those plugins here and now.Go ahead and create an account on our community website and download these plugins for free: – – – – – wp-job-manager-wc-paid-listings.zipIf you decide to build this as a commercial website, I encourage you to go and buy the plugins yourself at their respective websites because thus you will get two important things: support and updatesSUBSCRIBE to learn how to launch successful online businesses! me on Twitter! Join our community of online founders to get insider tips and advice about launching and running an online business:

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15 thoughts on “Launch a job board or job website using WP Job Manager, Neve Theme and WordPress in 62 minutes

  1. when trying to post a job it shows to log in and redirects the page to wp admin page. What to do?

  2. thank you, but how do i remove the apply button for employer. in my case. the employer posted a job but the employer who posted the job can apply the job itself. please help. ^_^

  3. Great video and watched it several times. Is there a possibility to build a job board without using premium plugins?

  4. This is a great walkthrough for people like me who are beginners. I was able to follow through. However you have not keep your promise of seeding the premium addons to anyone that signed in your mail. I need those addons to practice what you taught us. Once more thanks

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