Kids in HUGE Karting Crash show genuine sportsmanship and concern for each other. Try not to tear up


Some schools believe kids competing in sport should not be allowed… that EVERYONE should get a trophy or medal just for taking part so they don’t get upset at “losing”. The Honda Cadet final at Rd 4 in the Ultimate Karting Championship saw yet another red flag finish after a HUGE crash between two drivers. What happened next demonstrated that sport has a value beyond simple enjoyment. Competition creates friendships and teaches sportsmanship like no other… and this was a great example. It’s a moment that will melt your heart (did mine anyway!)TDi Media use a MiRider One Folding Electric Bike to help us get our kit around the circuit and paddock when filming. The perfect paddock bike for larger motorsport circuits, caravanning and motorhome holidays or just getting around locally. If you have a small flat and need to store it indoors, THIS is for you! Go to to find out more.To find your local kart club and circuit in the UK, go to The Association of British Kart Clubs website at There will be a kart club and circuit near to where you live.

15 thoughts on “Kids in HUGE Karting Crash show genuine sportsmanship and concern for each other. Try not to tear up

  1. i dont know why schools are against it!
    in school they give you tests, these tests give you a grade.
    a grade counts on how smart you are.
    when you got bad grades you considerd dumb.
    If you have bad grades you are going to be at a lower rank school.
    everyone is different at their grades etc.
    some children, teachers and parents pushes you to get better grades this consdiderd competition.

    Gr Anthony

  2. Whaaaaaat is thiiiiiis. These kids are awesome! Alex Reid is a soldier. Well done to all of them for making it to the series. The disciple shown by everyone is really impressive.
    Congratulations to Islin and the Synergy Race Team!
    Go Blantford, Go! Show them what a privateer can do!

  3. Great sportsmanship, little gentlemen. Never lose your concern for your competitors’ health and wellbeing as well as your own – that’s what the sport is about.

  4. Some of my best memories were cart racing in Wisconsin in the early 90s. I don’t remember names but I remember all my experiences.

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