Karting Miracles Do Happen Mate



Unsure how I didn’t die. The ‘Jesus Effect’ is born.Alpha Live: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFhH…Race Results: Heat 3: http://bit.ly/2PnrxP5 Heat 6: http://bit.ly/2KXmRd8 Heat 9: http://bit.ly/2KYH7evFollow and Support me here ➡️️ Twitter http://bit.ly/2ST7Cot ➡️️ Instagram http://bit.ly/2FmOStr ➡️️ Patreon http://bit.ly/2skl9JO ➡️️ Email (Business): [email protected] ➡️️ http://bit.ly/2AkGBD5MY SETUP & EQUIPMENT ➡️️ Fanatec Podium Direct Drive http://bit.ly/2Z7irKq ➡️️ Fanatec Mclaren GT3 http://bit.ly/2HkrL2V ➡️️ Fanatec Clubsport wheel http://bit.ly/2sku8dW ➡️️ Fanatec CSL P1 Wheel http://bit.ly/2FkTalM ➡️️ Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals http://bit.ly/2M4rkLc ➡️️ Fanatec CSL Elite Load Cell http://bit.ly/2QEgJan ➡️️ Sim Lab P1 http://bit.ly/2H79mZw ➡️️ Sim Lab Monitor Mount http://bit.ly/2VKvpZd ➡️️ Sparco REV bucket seat http://bit.ly/2RkwAA5 ➡️️ Fanatec Handbrake http://bit.ly/2HsNd7t ➡️️ Fanatec Clubsport Shifter http://bit.ly/2ucMkHxFor 5% off your Sim Lab order, use code ‘SuperGT_Simlab’For 10% of your Abruzzi Racewear order, use code ‘supergt’ https://www.abruzzi.co.uk/shopOTHER LINKS ➡️️ Karting Channel: https://bit.ly/2LFXkmU ➡️️ Intro/Outro Song: http://bit.ly/2AErkgCPO BOX ADDRESS: The place you can send me anything you like! ➡️️ Super GT PO BOX 1379 Maidstone ME14 9WTCHANNEL MEMBERS ➡️️ 1 Year + Jimmy Broadbent, Wolfykins, Taaha Siddiqui, Christian, Anirudh Shirsat, Adeyemi Inniss, Robert Freitas, dibblr, Scott Billeck, King James➡️️ 6 Months + HyperJrive, RypeL, Ognjen Starcevic, Gary Gilmore, EERIEISSS, LzyBoyCouch, RacinX, Benjamin Ford, Montevallo Mustang R4M Oliver Howe, TidgneyRacing, Frederik Brinkhorst, Ryan Varns, wongckj, Manuel Aeberli, Davii Mai, INSERT NAMEHERE, Scribble, Acrophobic Mountain Climber, Chris Tibble, rammie1976, Lo11o, Andrew Hendrick, SkylineFaux, farfugnugen, VVLF 01, Alexander Vostermans, Simon, Pepzi, PaintingJo, Joeri, TheLastAMX, Gwheese e, Hugh Hatrick, EvoStar, Chris Mucklow, R4M Jonbeez, Jeremiah Holland, Essex boy, James Muirhead, phreddo, TR_Ununited, TheKie25, Magneten 1, SpaghettiBowl_, Matt Lade, Asim Masud-Bahu, SR_BETO22, RoadRager1904, Alfie, The PEETMIX,➡️️ 2 Months + =Fuerta=, Aegon 01, Jack Hemming, GRT Tinman, HappyCamper 2, James Walters, Shane Wendel, xch1n, Hamborino, iakrana, Bernhard Weller, Jelle Soeffers, BRKsEDU, Alfie, BakerKC, MrShentar, Christian XII, Thomas Warwick, Alexandre Cote, Brandy, Lime Soda, Sammy Loehnis, R4M_HOME_MALONE_, Stuart Palmer, Christian Candler, Adama Banana, R4M_lefreud_GTS, Skeletor, Chris Miller, GTi_Connors_75, Chris Wilson, Shawn Schilianskey, Sam The Mighty, Inactive Account, Devil Z➡️️ 1 Month + Chef Biri, Speechless EU, Tayler Pickles, Wizard Egan, Scy, Shane Ohhh, Puppy and Cats, Richard Browning, Protato_Chip, Sky, Sam T, Murilo Bauer, Infinityflow, 93 ‘Til Infinity➡️️ New Members Josh Miller, Neil Thomas, Herman Simila, iRacer GT, a random callsign, GTS RogersRacing, Greg Evans, Dood, Ive G, Sidikli Balkabagi, i-am-lexxus, Xiolin, Cmdr Dopeguardian CH, ma3stroh, chris_cbracing, Sam Kim, Zac, Malinowski, Will Heyes#Club100 #Karting #Lydd

16 thoughts on “Karting Miracles Do Happen Mate

  1. You are awful choppy with the steering wheel. You need to learn to be quiet with the wheel. Everytime you turn the wheel you scrub off 1/10 of a second. This coming from a 2 time IKF go karting champion. I’ll teach you more as I watch your videos. You could be fairly good but right now your driving abilities suck. You definitely need to learn to be smooth and right now you are not.

  2. Man this is so intense, I’m watching and shifting on my chair as you take those corners, last race was INSANE!!!

  3. My dad always taught me to put my head döwn because it gets the weight off the back wheels not areo dynamics… its a go kart there is no aero advantage

  4. Super GT: Kicks the kart behind him
    Toto if he was the engineer of the kart that got kicked: Box Box Box, we got damage on the car.

    Only a few here understand

  5. Im very confused about your steering technique wich seems very brutal, kind of an Alonso’s way of entering turns. I’ll try to notice if I do the same, but I’m pretty sure I’m more progressive andd smoother. Not saying I’m better hahaha

  6. Goes to show how the kart makes a difference. The skill you showed to go from last to 2nd, was actually Mansel-esq! 👌 awesome driving 🚗

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