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In this week’s video, we’re talking about the basics of setting up your go kart, including the easy ways to get in and out of your kart and how to position the seat and steering wheel.Become a Member of our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/powerrepublicCheck out our Go Kart Racing Rituals tutorial series here: https://bit.ly/GoKartRacingRituals OROur Race Winning Engines Series Rotax Edition here: https://bit.ly/RaceWinningEnginesSubscribe to us here: https://www.youtube.com/c/powerrepublicFor more information or to purchase parts, head to our website:https://www.powerrepublic.com.auOr check out our socials at:https://www.facebook.com/PowerRepublic/ https://www.instagram.com/powerrepublic/#POWERREPUBLIC #GOKARTS

35 thoughts on “KARTING BASICS 101: A Beginner’s Guide To Setting Up Your Go Kart – POWER REPUBLIC

  1. Thank you Power republic. I wanted to ask this question for your next Q&A but you did it before even i ask. Thank you. Keep this karting 101 going 💪💪

    1. Hey Anthony, thanks for tuning in. I love the Tony Kart. There is only one brand in Karting and that is Tony. Its like there is only one Ferrari. Heaps of other excellent super cars, but there is only one Ferrari. Same with Karts IMO. Heaps of good frames out there, all are capable of winning races, but still, the one brand we gravitate to is Tony Kart. The original. If you know Karting and kart history and that is your thing, then Tony Kart is the answer.

  2. The Kartech kart trolley appears to be very practical. Would you be able to include it in a review of accessories with some specs or more information, pro’s and con’s, and comparison to other trolleys? Thanks again and appreciate the content!

    1. Hey Luke thanks for tuning in. yeah we love those trolleys, especially if you have to lift the kart by yourself.

    1. yeah they are worth it though, wait to you drive your first brand new one, you will be blown away

    1. x30 is a wicked kart engine. most karts are good enough to get started, Margay included. We use and recommend TONY KART but it is not essential for fun and getting started. hope that helps

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