Jewellery Collaboration Launch & Ottie Birthday Prep | ad .com/watch?v=SxirhtlisrE

Jewellery Collaboration Launch & Ottie Birthday Prepad//brand collaboration – click here to shop the collection with Carrie Elizabeth: Worldwide shipping available!Links below marked with a “*” are affiliate links – which means I receive a percentage of the revenue made from purchasing products through this link. This does not affect you as the consumer or the price of the product. It is also not a paid for promotion or a collaboration/advert with the brands featured. Anything featured below may have been sent by PR’s, however I am never under any obligation to post & only talk about or use products I like & would naturally recommend —M E N T I O N E D : ↠ Zoe Sugg X Carrie Elizabeth Collection – ↠ Jane’s Patisserie – Victoria Sponge Celebration Cake – O O L S H I Z Z ⇢ Zoella website: ⇢ Magpie Society – Two For Joy: ⇢ Template App: [co founder] ⇢ Filmm App: [co founder]

15 thoughts on “Jewellery Collaboration Launch & Ottie Birthday Prep | ad

  1. I love the way Zoe was NO! when she thought Alfie wanted to eat the buttercream 🤣🤣 the cake was absolutely adorable, you did a great Job Zoe!!

  2. can you imagine there was a time you said it was gross if you dated and now you have a one year old lol happy birthday Ottie!

  3. You know what I was just thinking about today? Pippin and Percy the guinea pigs! Seems like a lifetime ago 🥰

  4. Sitting on the floor, being frazzled, postponing everything to last minute, being creative and working the best under pressure is all ADHD, my friend! 😄🙌 Edit: so is not wanting to give the control to others others too..

  5. aw I wish my mom loved me enough to wear a necklace with my name on it 😭 I just got abused instead lol thanks mom

  6. This reminds me of the days when Zoe was launching her different ranges and had the events where other YouTubers would attend. It was so much fun to watch! 😍 Bringing back the feels 😍

  7. I love how many women Zoe is surrounded by, and working with women is such a joy! Kudos Zoe– this is incredible :)

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