I’ve entered Book Blogger of the Year – Help me!

I’ve entered Book Blogger of the Year – Help me!


This is the second time the London Book Fair has hosted the Book Blogger Awards. These awards, which also include Booktubers, Bookstagrammers and Book Podcasts, celebrate social media influencers across the book world.

I was lucky enough to attend the first Book Blogger of the Year ceremony, which took place last April. Seeing so many book bloggers gathered in one place, chatting and get to know each other, was truly inspiring.


Yup! And I am equal parts terrified and excited.

This year, I am more determined than ever to get onto the shortlist. Not only would it make me incredibly happy, but it will also allow me to reach out to more book bloggers and bring this community together.

The book blogger directory will grow. I can feature more bloggers on the Book Blogger Binge. And I’ll be able to showcase more amazing books and authors!

However, to make the shortlist, I will I need your help.


Nominate Why Words Work for Book Blogger of the Year!

The more nominations we can gather, the more likely this blog will catch the judges’ eyes.

Let’s give it our best shot!

How to nominate:

Follow this link here. This will take you to the nomination form.

First things first, you fill in your details at the top.

Then you move on to step 2 and 3, where you can put the following information:

2) Nominee Information

Name: Emma Hollands

Email: emmarosehollands (at) gmail.com

Change (at) for @ symbol.

Country: England

3) Your/Nominee Blog

Blog Title: Why Words Work

Blog Link:

Sample of Copy:

Choose your favourite blog post from Why Words Work. Ideally an article, writing confession, or book review. Copy the text of this article and paste it into the box. Then add the blog post link at the bottom, so the judges can check it out for themselves.

3.5) Two reasons why the Nominee should be chosen by the shortlist:

Tell the judges why you think this blog should make the shortlist.

Doesn’t have to be long, a couple of sentences will do. If you’re stuck for what to write, here are some questions to help you out:

What does Why Words Work do to stand out from other book blogs?

What is your favourite part of Why Words Work?

What makes you want to check out the blog posts on Why Words Work?

How does Why Words Work help the book community?

4) Attachments:

If you want to print-screen and upload a nice looking post or photo on my blog, go for it. But this section is entirely optional.

And that’s it!

You all have my full permission to nominate me.

If any of you have any questions, you can always message me on Twitter @ERHollands or contact me here.

Thank you so much.

Why Words Work started as my little corner of the Internet to discuss books and writing.

Now it has grown to a lovely community of bookworms, writers and word-nerds.

Reading your comments brings joy to my heart each and every day. I cannot thank you all enough for the support you have given me.

So I guess all I have left to say is…Thank you.

For everything. ❤️

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