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Go to IT Gameplay with Splat! Let’s Play Go to IT and check out a game where you’ll develop your own software, games, and technology in any time period you want!Download Go to IT : The Nerd Castle on Steam : Twitter : Facebook : Support The Nerd Castle on Patreon : Steam Curator :

16 thoughts on “IT Management Tech Simulator! – Go to IT Gameplay Impressions

  1. I would never attempt to make a game like this since startup company was made. You can’t really beat that game.

  2. the score in the bold at the top, when it shows your score for the task is the average, and there are more detailed scores below.

  3. Have you tried switching it off and then on again?

    Didn’t work? Call 0118 999 881 999 119 725, then.

    And ‘Elliot Rogers’? Seriously?

  4. I’m not gonna lie, this doesn’t seem very IT to me… I don’t see anything like setting up networks or fixing computers and shit… that’s what I think of as IT.
    This could probably cut it as computer science or arguably computer engineering, but IT? Nah fam, this isn’t really it.

    1. For now we focused more on methodologies choices contemporary IT companies use.
      We are thinking about a DLC on the hardware industry raise, great to see the demand

  5. ok ok slpat enough lies, you made me blow coffee out my nose with this whole “I’m a nice guy, I’m a kind boss” bull turds ;p nice guy my ass now i got to go clean up and blow my coffee filled nose, thanks loads. love ya man keep on keepin on

  6. Hey you should check out game dev same type but you can see your little guys working and you make game consoles and also games for the consoles also make them for one console only

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