IT Management Fundamentals for Nonprofits IT Management is v…

IT Management Fundamentals for Nonprofits
IT Management is vital to IT success. Join the Community IT President and also CEO as he examines the fundamental functions required to efficiently manage IT.

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Because of the pace of advancement in modern technology and also in nonprofit innovation specifically, and the “new shiny item” syndrome that can occur, there’s a tendency to focus on the innovation itself as well as what it can do for your organization. Don’t forget about the value of handling that modern technology properly!

Without proper IT administration at your not-for-profit, IT can NOT succeed.

Without monitoring you will find:

Unsolved troubles
Unused services
Aggravated personnel
Stopped working tasks
Missing out on info
Costly errors
While there misbehave technology options and, particularly in the not-for-profit sphere, unacceptable modern technology solutions, in the sight of Community IT almost all technology failings can be mapped to management mis-steps– whether in examining the business objectives, selection, execution, or maintenance.

Sign Up With CEO Johan Hammerstrom in an appealing as well as honest presentation on the essentials of IT management principles as well as how you can create management teams and also systems that can maximize your IT return on investment.

This webinar is appropriate for not-for-profit executives, managers, accountancy, growth, and not-for-profit IT workers– and also just like all our webinars, it is suitable for a diverse target market.

Area IT is proudly vendor-agnostic as well as our webinars cover a series of subjects as well as discussions. Webinars are never ever a sales pitch, constantly a way to share our knowledge with our area.

IT Management is vital to IT success. Join the Community IT President and CEO as he examines the essential functions needed to efficiently manage IT.

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