Is this the most innovative VW campervan and daily driver we’ve ever tested?


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21 thoughts on “Is this the most innovative VW campervan and daily driver we’ve ever tested?

  1. Nearly £90k for what is basically a chav van with a bed and a tent camper’s kitchen plus unnecessary bling. I would hate to have that on the next pitch with outdoor cooking and speakers.

    I would much prefer to spend £60 on a 4 berth panel van conversion or a coach built with a fixed bed, washroom, clothes storage and cooking indoors for the 300 days of the year when the weather isn’t good enough to cook outside.

  2. What a lovely over priced impractical camper. Lowered suspension? Yeah right, just what you need.🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. Lots of people love the look of the lowered suspension you get with the ABT bodykit, and it handles well on the road, so its practicality depends on how you’re going to use it really.

    1. Yes, it’s definitely designed for use in good weather, as we agree it wouldn’t be ideal in the snow.

  3. Hmm some nice innovations but…. You have to offload all the bikes to use the kitchen just have a cup of tea…and no way to seal the van off when cooking so it fills with smoke or gets really cold whilst using kitchen. And then the big one for me …all that money and no WC ?? Can’t see the point of these T6 type vans if you have to find facilities just to have a no. 1

  4. Now do all that again in heavy rain or snow. I don’t get having kitchens outside. Ok for nice weather but that’s it.

    1. Yes, it’s ideal for summer festivals, rally weekends etc, but wouldn’t be ideal in winter weather.

  5. What’s happened to the long term presenter. Peter?. This van does not warrant that extortionate price tag.

    1. Don’t worry Peter is still presenting, too. Geneve will also be reviewing campervans as she’s editor of Campervan magazine, so we can bring you even more reviews.

    2. @MotorhomeCampervan I think she’s not as experienced as Peter. And as for the editing of the video itself i also think there’s room for improvement.

  6. Please don’t make assumptions: ‘kids sit behind mum and dad’…..needing ‘two strong blokes’ to lift 80kg….come on it’s 2022, more inclusive language please!

  7. Nice van but overpriced. As for the video – wow that’s just about as bad an editing job as I’ve seen on this channel.

  8. so the person who designed this has never hiked in Wales, returned to the van soaking wet, needing a hot brew. Who is going to stand outside cooking dinner, breakfast etc in this country, the weather is just to changeable. It’s always obvious when a person kits a van out that they probably dont use camper vans, nor spoken to anyone that does use them

  9. Not a logical set up with the fridge no where near the cooking area and what if it’s raining? I’ve the same model but a LWB, again removable (using tie down points on floor) seat/bed and full length cooker unit in marine ply.

  10. Great idea having an outside kitchen in the UK. Just put some shampoo on your hair while you’re cooking and you can shower “au naturel” at the same time!

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