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This video breaks down the concept of natural capital accounting, showing how accounting for nature can help reveal many of its hidden values.Natural capital accounting is a core part of the European Commission’s Green Deal, the new EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030 and the Farm to Fork Strategy.The video is part of a research project called INCASE, funded by the Irish Environmental Protection Agency. INCASE stands for Irish Natural Capital Accounting for Sustainable Environments, and is the first project to test and apply natural capital accounting in Ireland.Illustrator: Annie Forrester Animator: Aaron Ross Script: Orlaith Delargy Voiceover: Orlaith DelargyFor more, check out: INCASE Project – Irish Forum on Natural Capital –​capital​ #environment​ #biodiversity​ #nature​ #wildlife​ #soil​ #conservation​ #animation​ ​ #health​ #wellbeing​ #economy​ #accounting​ #NaturalCapital​ #NaturalCapitalAccounting​ #NaturalCapitalIreland​ #NCI​ #Ireland​ #Irish​ #wetlands​ #ecology

10 thoughts on “Introduction to Natural Capital Accounting

  1. Nice to see complex matter of NCA, with SEEA and linked NA to be explained in a very clear video with easy to understand text supported with several nice illustrations!

    1. I just saw this video randomly and you referenced a few things that indicate you might understand this. I’m curious how this is anything other than a way for the richest people in the world to monetize nature…?

    2. @Will Riley Well thanks for asking. Actually, normally SEEA – type of accounting this is done by public institutions often by countries’ statistical offices, national EPA, and sometimes Central Bank. As it compiles accounts at macro-level, at the country level, although with lots of detail, even at meso (sector) and use of data sources at micro-level. These are not compiled by private companies or banks or whatever. In order to inform general public and governments (decision-making), Like is doen via their National Accounts (just monetarily). The UN – SEEA or NCA framework so much richer as it also looks at physical aspects of the Earths resources (natural assets) and flows been used by human beings and return flows (waste, and emissions) back to the environment. To ma that is a valuable approach to better decision making, on other aspects of planets’ and human wellbeing. Say way beyond GDP, and more considering the broad range of planet and human health being as illustrated and advocated by the SDGs.

  2. So this is basically a way for the richest people in the world to set up corporations and get investor money on nature?

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