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Ok, so in last weeks video we talked about trends that won’t age well. In this weeks video we will discuss all the timeless, beautiful, and amazing trends that (in my opinion) will age gracefully!🛍 Shop My Favourite Items on Amazon🛍 Shop This Video➤ Amazon – Brown and White Handmade Stoneware ➤ Amazon – Glossy Grey Stoneware ➤ Amazon – Matte Black/Grey Stoneware ➤ WayFair – Rustic White Stoneware ➤ Etsy – Rustic Soap Dish ➤ Etsy – Sea Mug ➤ Etsy – Circular Ceramic Vase ➤ Etsy – Cereal Bowls⏱ Timestamps: 00:00 – Trends That Will Age Well 00:40 – Walnut Wood 03:15 – Natural Materials 05:45 – Vintage Furniture 07:28 – Handcrafted Ceramics and Stoneware 09:47 – Zellige Tile🎬 My YouTube Equipment🛋 Shop My Living Room Background➤ West Elm – Bar Cabinet ➤ West Elm – Media Console ➤ Crate and Barrel – Dining Room Table ➤ Crate and Barrel – Dining Room Chairs ➤ CB2 – Marble Coffee Table ➤ Amazon – Frame Television👉 All My👋 Heads up! Affiliate Disclosure!My videos, descriptions, and comments may contain affiliate links! If you buy something through one of the links, you won’t pay a penny more, but I’ll get a small commission, which helps me keep the lights on! Thanks!

15 thoughts on “Interior Design Trends That WILL Age Well 😲

  1. is there any color in any design anymore? It seams like everything is either woodtoned browns, greys, blacks and whites. It’s so visually boring, cold and austere. Where’s the warmth and whimsey?

  2. I’ve gotta say I think the handcrafted style tile won’t stay around in new builds, they’re beautiful but feel a little wrong in a space where everything is perfect and square.

  3. Walnut is beautiful, but I mostly choose cheaper acacia when I started choosing mid tone wood furniture because I was tired of the light look

  4. “what I love to see for other people” ❤️ I don’t know why, I just really liked that comment. Sometimes I hear other designers crap on design stuff I love and the “I don’t have to love it but I love it for you”- and not in the backhanded southern way- it’s nice ❤️ much love sir!

  5. I took care of elderly people for many years. Often if they moved or passed away their family would offer me pieces of furniture. So I’ve got a house full of eclectic handmade wooden furniture. I make a mixture of linseed oil and orange oil to clean and rejuvenate them. It smells wonderful and has a subtle sheen. Beautiful old wood gives a house a warm cosy feeling.

  6. I love everything natural. Cotton, silk, wood, wool, bone. I collected gorgeous statement furnitures from 60s (lane, broyhill, etc) , most of them made in great quality walnut. I would never get tired of them because they were so well made in beautiful wood hard to come across nowadays.

  7. I have never liked oak, neither red nor light. The grain is pretty, but the wood exhibits a coarseness and porosity that I find distasteful. Ash has the same lovely grain, but without oak’s porosity, and with a great deal more springiness. Sadly, the ash borer is decimating ash stands throughout the northeast. Walnut has a delicate, fine, tight grain with lovely whorls, and a deep, dark golden/auburn tone. Hickory can mimic maple, birch, cherry, or walnut. Depending upon the stain. It is an enormously versatile, and very beautiful wood.

  8. Thank you for saying that about vessels… as a professional writer and word nerd, a vase isn’t a dang vessel since it doesn’t CARRY/CONTAIN/ENCLOSE THE FLOWERS, it holds them.

  9. God help us if natural materials are going out of style. Everything reaches and end of life, and wood is biodegradable, cork for flooring biodegrades, and it’s made from the waste from making corks! Glass, metal and even ceramics can be reused almost indefinitely (the rough bits in some ceramics are from old pulverized ceramics).

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