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  1. I know of a multimillion dollar power couple who keep posting on social media their progress on designing their latest home and everything and I mean EVERYTHING is a grey and white, and stainless steel appliances and fixtures and gray marble countertop and flooring so far. Once in a while they add black but they keep changing things. It always unflinchingly revolves around gray. It looks sharp if you’re into that sort of thing, but it has a very cold modern aesthetic to it and looks more like a showcase in a magazine for entertaining than having an actual home feel. 😬 It kind of screams look at all the built in conveniences we’ve got and how much money we have instead of a lived in warm welcoming feel. I’d feel like if I was invited like I’d want to not stay very long just based on the harsh sterile vibe.

  2. I have changed my lights to the open light bulbs from prissy hard to change fancy lights! At my age, it’s a darn side easier to change the bulbs if necessary, and it takes the worry of dropping globes and pieces that need to be taken down to change a bulb

  3. Hi, I need replace my whole house flooring, what kind of flooring that you recommend? I live in Florida and only 2 adults live in the house, thank you!

  4. Terrazzo is too busy for me but if it’s on the floor in a small bathroom or the random plant pot or coaster then that’s fine with me. I just don’t really like it on as worktops or wall backsplashes

  5. My partner is a framer and he used to build and sell houses. He’s been out of that for the past decade and we are starting to build our house. He was so excited to put a BARN DOOR over my pantry and I was like NOOOOOOO!!!!!! He hasn’t been in the loop lately and he didn’t realize it’s been SO overdone! I used to love that look but I can’t anymore. HGTV just ruined that for me. We are still building a slider but it will be live edge facing each other and a coloured resin in between like a river.

  6. Hello dear Posh Pennies, I love your videos so much. Very many things are so spot on and as I just starting to do my new flat, I need every tip you can get. I found your videos so helpful as it matches with my style sense and character. I love bold colours and mixing paint with wallpaper but often too shy to release my inner quirkiness. I love wearing bright colours and I would like to use bright colours in my flat but I’m a bit too careful. Your videos are telling me exactly what I needed to know. Thank you and I’ll keep watching for more.

  7. Thank you I also hate the exposed bulbs in light fixtures. Unfortunately it’s hard to find any other type light fixture right now.

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