Intentional Farmcraft: Garden Planning from the Heart

Intentional Farmcraft: Garden Planning from the Heart

Garden Planning from the Heart

Take time this month to make an intentional plan for garden projects for the season. 

Now that the ice has melted and the mud has dried up, the growing season is upon us in full. I choose 1-2 projects per month, whether that’s rebuilding a trellis or spreading mulch, and try to keep to that (it’s hard).  This helps me meet my goals without getting stressed out, which is what happens if I over-commit and then can’t get it all done–I’ve learned this lesson the hard way.  This May, my projects are planting annuals in the big herb garden, bed maintenance–and maybe JUST A FEW new perennials–in the marsh garden, and trail maintenance in the forest gardens.

Spend time sitting quietly in your garden and consider what your ideal areas of growth and improvement would be. 

Make lists, then divide them into categories: short- and long-term, or early/late spring, mid/high summer, early/late fall, or by month, or planting/harvesting/soil maintenance/building projects, or whatever other categories fit your brain.

Gardening is an act of devotion, so make sure it’s filling you up the way you need it to.

What will have the most significant impact on the plants, insects, birds, snakes, and other creatures?  What is realistic and achievable in the next few months?

What will you find the most satisfying in your heart? 

Here are some ruminations about herbal gardening to jog your creativity!  From starting seeds to planning your own Bug Spray Garden or Botanical Sanctuary…what are your garden dreams?

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