SEO Tips that could help you RANK no1 in Google

I recently flew to the Ezoic office and attended an event called Club22 to listen and speak to some of the world’s best SEO experts to see if they can help me rank my content no1 in Google

I came away with some amazing SEO Tips for blog content and YouTube videos.

This is part1, watch out for part 2 with even more tips and advice to help you rank your content higher.

Results: Not Guaranteed, but might help!

Good luck

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17 thoughts on “SEO Tips that could help you RANK no1 in Google

  1. How would Google be able to see that the reader goes on to read a longer article? Sorry, but I really don’t buy that. Specially here in EU, Google would not be allowed to get or use such data. There is also no technical way for them to do it unless you specifically set a cookie or similar for them.

  2. Thanks – this is sooo helpful! Especially the stuff about images and links. I’m looking forward to your video about using video in blog posts as this is something I’m doing on one of my sites. Xx

  3. Carl the same works for me – 25% income from youtube and 75% from my website. Its crazy the value you get from monetizing your website well!

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