BEST and WORST Silver Coin Designs of the Last Decade

In this silver pros collab Silver Dragons and Yankee Stacking talk about the best and worst silver coin designs of the last decade. There have been thousands of silver coins that have been released over the last 10 years and some of the designs have been really great while others have been terrible. In this what we think to be some of the best silver coin designs and the worst silver coin designs of the last decade. Some good silver coin designs are really eye catching and other great silver coin designs are more simple and elegant. Some of the worst silver coin designs are either a design that didn’t translate well to a silver coin or a design that some part of it was accidentally botched. I hope you enjoy our commentary as we talk about the best and worst silver coin designs of the last decade.

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16 thoughts on “BEST and WORST Silver Coin Designs of the Last Decade

  1. some great coins there guys…
    have to disagree on the Quokka coin though 😉

    The quokka lives almost exclusively on Rottnest Island, and are amazing cute little animals. The phallic vibe you’ mention, is a lighthouse on the north shore of the island…
    Not getting defensive, just love the island and the quokkas that call it home. Living in Perth probably means I’m a bit biased…😁

  2. The worst coins are so funny 😂 thank you guys, you made my day! A little pleasure in this worst time ever in Germany 👍

  3. Oh this was so much fun. You guys shared and a silly and wonderful inner child whimsical way. Best silver video ever❤😂

  4. The advantage of silver(puresilver) is stability of its exchange, 3 gram of pureSilver always and always equal to one of chicken , anyTime anyWhere , it can be checked snd rechecked, from this we can see the orher thing , chief or expensive. . . . . There is a saying that every human being should earn the equivalent of one chikcen per day , minimum

  5. My favorite is the 1 & 2oz White House Burning coin designed by Miles Standish. That thing is amazing! Ultra high relief and such a monumental moment in our history when in 1812, British troops set the white house on fire! If you haven’t seen it, take the time to look it up.

  6. I finally got around to ordering the Pride of Two Nations Set with the 2019-W Enhanced Reverse Proof ASE. You’re absolutely right about how beautiful the Enhanced Reverse Proof design is.

  7. I watch a lot of your videos and this gave me a good chuckle. There should be a new Buddy TV show where Bigfoot and The Quokka go round solving crimes. Weirdly, I think you may have turned me on to a new hobby of deliberately collecting awful coins.

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