What is ITOM? | IT Operations Management Explained | ITOM Made Easy 1/5

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What is ITOM?
IT Operations Management or ITOM is the set of IT management capabilities organizations need to effectively manage the provision, capacity, availability, and performance of the IT infrastructure – which includes computing, network, and application resources.

IT operations management, or ITOM, has gained prominence as an area of strategic focus for IT management leaders and their teams. Now is a good time to take a detailed look at ITOM and how your team and your business might approach it successfully.

Gartner divides ITOM into 10 major functional and market segments. These are listed below.

– Application management
– Availability and performance
– Configuration management
– Database management systems (DBMSs)
– Event, fault, and log management
– IT asset management (ITAM)
– IT service/help desk
– Job scheduling
– Network management
– Output management, including management of printers and other hardware peripherals

In this IT Operations Management (ITOM) tutorial, Stephen Mann defines ITOM, breaks down ITOM concepts, why it’s needed, how it stacks against ITSM, and what it offers to organizations of all sizes. This is the first video in a 5-part series on IT Operations Management.

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  1. Thank you so much for this intro Stephen, really appreciate all your hard work and knowledge. Trying to soak it up like a sponge 🙂

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