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17 thoughts on “Impractical Interior Design Trends You’ll Regret Bringing Into Your Home!

  1. Dollar Tree sells caulk that you can put on bottom of rug to keep it from slipping. When it dries, it’s rubbery, and grips the hardwood floor. You could also use rubber shelf liner from dollar tree.

  2. I agree with the flat paint. When we first moved in to our new house I was literally the wall patrol but I have lightened up a lot 2 years after. I found out that I can wipe it with simple wet wipes. Granted my wall color is a light color.
    I love the motion sensor lights in the mud room and the pantry plus walk in closets. These works for us since we carry groceries through the mud room from the garage. Not in bedrooms for sure.

  3. I also have never paid for coffee table books and have always reused old books or purchased used ones that were in excellent shape.

  4. I just bought matte (one step up from flat) but I upgraded to a more durable base paint. It’s matte but kid friendly rated.

  5. My tip for rugs is to roll some duct tape onto itself in a loop so that it’s sticky on both sides, and then just tape it to the floor. Works great on tile:D👍

  6. i’m glad you acknowledged that i could be spider-man. because i could be. you don’t know. yet you acknowledged, nice

  7. Great insights!!! One solution to the flat rugs (of which I have them throughout my home) is double sided carpet tape, which is a godsend!!! Thanks for a great video on practicalities!!!

  8. I think flat paint became a thing because it hides wall imperfections in addition to being super matte. If you live in an older home and don’t know how to even put layers of wall paint or chips in walls it becomes an easy fix. That being said, my home is from 1938 and I use satin paint because I hate the matte wall look 🤷🏼‍♀️

  9. There are really really thin pads that you can buy to put under the low pile rugs that keep them from slipping around. You can also use it under sofa cushions to keep them from sliding around. I’ve also use slip proof shelf liner which comes in a roll for this

  10. Anyone else find this video super frustrating? You’re out here telling people to buy jute rugs one video and then telling them it’s an interior design trend they’ll regret.

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