I Hired 3 Different Designers to Makeover the SAME ROOM

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20 thoughts on “I Hired 3 Different Designers to Makeover the SAME ROOM

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    my living room – a large rectangle room with high ceilings and wooden floors. A white fireplace with a small wood burner sits on the wall opposite the door. a large bay window is on the farthest wall from the door, at the very end of the room. The walls are grey with white trim.

    $20 interior designer – the same room now has a grey sofa with it’s back to the fireplace. The fireplace is now empty with glass covering the hole. There is a fitted bench under the bay windows. There is a TV console and TV opposite the sofa, with two small circular seats/beanbags on the floor. The wall with the fireplace is now wood panelled, as is the long wall opposite it (the wall with the TV). There is a 4 seater wooden table in front of the door, facing towards the wall opposite the door.

    $100 interior designer – the fireplace and walls have remained as originally. There is a long wooden table with 6 chairs in front of the door, facing towards the wall opposite. On the wall with the door is a long 3 tiered wood and metal open shelving unit. A white curved sofa sits in front of the shelves on a beige circular rug. There is a small circular coffee table, with two wood and rattan chairs opposite. One chair sits in front of the bay window, the other near the fireplace.

    $200 interior designer – the fireplace and walls remain as originally. a marble circular table sits in front of the bay window, with 4 wood and rattan chairs around it. In front of the door, a curved white leather sofa sits on a circular rug. Opposit the sofa is a small armless chair, consisting of two circular blobs put on top of each other. A medium coffee table sits between them.

    1. Wow, thank you for adding the descriptions!!! Seriously, it’s so rare to find someone who does that, and as a visually impaired viewer, I very much appreciate it! 😊

    2. 20.00 didn’t listen TV, No changes bc rental no benches. 0/10. Modern but not for you. 100.00 did better I would have kept drapes up. Curved sofas and chairs are HOT. 7/10. 200.00 Did the best. Circle tables are IN. Dining table placement is perfect. Few accessory changes are no big deal. The other furniture are great.. They followed the assignment 10/10.

    3. Uber-rounded sofa reminds me too much of the blowup bed I’ve used when I’ve hosted more guests than guest rooms in my house and the kids (of course) get assigned to the living room and blowup bed. Additionally the blobbie couch and chair backs are too low, lacing back support so a person MUST recline and that’s obnoxious for any guests. It’s fine for you in your family room, private space, but for visitors… no. Lastly, the blobbie shape is a trend. Not a classic and that trend will become both visually and functionally bothersome quite quickly. $$$$$$

    4. There is something called museum gel, it is a sticky putty that secures items from being maybe pushed off by the cat !!

  2. Could you show more of the pictures etc that you are talking about and less of you, I mean we want to see what you are talking about rather than who is talking. It is interesting I’d love someone to show me how to place what I have and jus it up a bit or what to add or subtract from what is in my room.

  3. This is a wonderful idea. I would never have thought to have designers do this. Putting the dining room near the window is great. Round/oval tables are great. There is no “head” of the table. I find them great.

  4. I liked the professional render. There are some great liocal artists here who could fix up those walls with martvelous neutral pieces., niot clicje white on white or beieges onbeige. P.S. I thought everyone always put the eating table ina bay window. Never saw otherwise. From living in Boston and Providence USA where bay windows (that what we call a window space you on the inside can walk into it and on the outside it juts out from the flat facade).. Most bay windows are like the half of a hexagon but some are half or so of a circle. … P.P.S> If you are into chic shabby but not to extremes why not buy a second hand curved sofa? Probably easy to find some on the internet, including local shops and charity shops. Avoid the word antique, go for used or second hand.

  5. I love the dining nook in the bay window. You will enjoy it more than the living room itself, no matter how you design it.
    Your cat needs it’s own furniture/carpeted shelves. Put that in the corner opposite the entrance.
    Possibly a small table or chest of drawers for tablecloths and cloth napkins just inside the the entrance on the left WITH a lamp on it. It’s easy to turn the lamp on for ambient lighting instead of the overhead.
    And the sofa definitely needs to face the fireplace, a smaller sofa (than the ones your designers suggested) with 2 funky, different styled, comfortable chairs on either side The sofa and chairs need wooden legs to make the room more spacious in a neutral colour – not white. AND with a wide pathway between the lounge furniture and fireplace leading you into the dining nock.
    The coffee table – funky – you’d have room for an unusual shape.
    I love the floors. Wood floors need a rug big enough to fit under the sofa’s, chairs’ and coffee table’s front legs.

    And artwork – extremely important. It’s like the jewellery that finishes the dress and very personal. Just as people look at your books in your bookshelf to glean more about you, artwork reflects YOU.
    I’m a colour person and you love neutrals – add colour in your artwork. Imagine a large Picasso type piece behind your sofa. Every morning you’d love walking past it on your way to the window and table with your coffee.

    It’s a beautiful room.

  6. The second (£100 designer) one is the best by MILES. Right style, thoughtful regarding your needs (OK not so much regarding your budget, but hey at least you wouldn’t have to buy a new table), really consistent, cosy and homey. The other two were way too hotel-y for me, though I did like the idea of a round table at the bay window.

  7. I thought the same thing, to put a circular table in the bay window area and then move the sitting area toward the side of the room. I love the plants and abstract art!

  8. I did not like the $20.00 designer at all. The other two were nice. Now you just have to find that look in your budget.

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