I Bought a Dye DAM and This Happened – Paintball Gameplay



I recently played at TNT paintball with my new DYE DAM. I’ve got to admit that I think I am now in love with electric paintball guns! Using ther dye dam box mag is a HUGE game changer.Let’s Chat: ⏩ Join our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/85N4XrY ⏩ LIVE Streams – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYAktXPeWsmjh___FKItSLg🎯 AWESOME DISCOUNTS: ⏩ http://www.defconpaintballgear.com?aff=2 ⏩ Save 10% – Use code: NIGHTMARE⏩ https://www.MCSUS.com ⏩ Save 10% – Use code: NIGHTMAREPB🤓 FOLLOW ME: ⏩ http://www.instagram.com/nightmare_pb ⏩ http://www.facebook.com/nightmarepb ⏩ https://twitter.com/NightmarePB#paintball #magfed #nightmarepb

15 thoughts on “I Bought a Dye DAM and This Happened – Paintball Gameplay

  1. What have you done to the box?

    I have bad luck with my dam + box, all official dye bolts and updates installed, always jams or broken paint in the breach (field paint what survive tipmans)

  2. God damn this is a trip. Good to see TNT is still around. Is that field where they use to have the two story structure with the bridges? It’s been too long man haha

  3. So just wondering, could/ would PE ever make a box mag? It appears to be a pain or even risky to mod an existing box mag. A second question would be would they come out with an emf 200?
    Just wondering how they could make the Emf platform better as well as making compatible with a box mag (either dye’s or their own)

  4. What gun are you using? I’m thinking of getting one of myself. If this is the same gun that you use in your other vid too. Also what scope are you using

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