Hybrid orthodontic treatment Video # 2 Braces & Clear Aligners together – Tooth Time Family Braces

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In some cases you might want to get clear aligners but that’s not always possible here we explain a little bit about the hybrid orthodontic therapy , check the video out!The treatment known as Hybrid Orthodontic Therapy, which combines clear aligners with clear dental braces to achieve optimal results in a much shorter period of time, also saving patients money in the process, and sparing you from having to face the world wearing traditional metal braces.Hybrid orthodontic treatment is a unique approach to orthodontic therapy that primarily uses clear aligners such as Invisalign to align teeth, but intersperses the use of these aligners with short periods during which you’ll wear clear cosmetic braces to help speed the process along and treat malocclusions that don’t readily respond to clear aligners alone.Typically the patient will only need to wear clear braces for a few weeks or months, generally at the beginning or at the end of the treatment with clear aligners. In some cases, the braces may be required on only a few teeth, and may be easily hidden in the rear of the mouth. In cases where we do have to place brackets in the front of your mouth, we utilize the most esthetic braces on the market today, which are clear and nearly invisible.HYBRID OPTION BENEFITS: Hybrid Orthodontic Treatment provides the following benefits and advantages for patients:-Reduces the total treatment time over treatment with clear aligners alone -Reduces the time patients must spend wearing braces -Reduces cost of treatment in many cases -Clear, removable tooth aligners provides maximum comfort and convenience -Removable aligners allow for better dental hygiene than standard braces🥰 Join the family – http://bit.ly/mytoothtime_youtube🦷 ToothTime Family Dentistry Oral Health Products: https://amzn.to/3bnoKwt🤕 Topical numbing gel – https://bit.ly/topical_gel——————————————————————————————-📹 Our Favorite Videos: Herbst Appliance: Bite Plate appliance: (our most viewed video) THANKS! Tongue Crib + RPE: Braces Surprise: ——————————————————————————————-HELP US OUT and 📤 Share this video with your friendsSocial Media Links:📸 INSTAGRAM : http://bit.ly/Instagram_ToothTime 🤩 FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/Facebook_ToothTime 🛸PINTEREST: http://bit.ly/Pinterest_ToothTime🌍 www.mytoothtime.comAs always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me via the comments below!#braces #orthodontics #dentist #girl #oralhealth #teeth

16 thoughts on “Hybrid orthodontic treatment Video # 2 Braces & Clear Aligners together – Tooth Time Family Braces

  1. I wish I would do oral cancer screenings on all of your patients before y’all actually do the braces work

    1. Every treatment varies a little bit somehow! 😉 Thanks for watching and don’t forget to like our video that helps a lot!! 🧡🦷

  2. I have a baby tooth with no adult tooth under it. Is my orthodontist going to be able to put a bracket on that tooth?

    1. I dont think so youll probably get that tooth extracted and then when youre an adult put a permanent fakr teeth in your bones

    1. Hi my friend and I think mewing is a good example of the power of a story,” and is one of those areas where there really isn’t a lot of evidence, good clinical evidence, to support it. It’s based almost entirely on that intuitive appeal and anecdotes and testimonials so I wouldn’t recommend it but well… but it’s a Internet Craze right…..I hope you don’t jump on everything that might sounds appealing on the internet….

  3. A lot of braces imagine kissing a guy while a dentist is pulling a wisdom tooth out bruh and the guy will get disturbed being forced to kiss lol

    1. Wait… what…..???? 😉
      Thanks for watching and don’t forget to like our video that helps a lot!! 🧡🦷

  4. i never seen this very interesting so i have a question so i have an expander on my upper teeth and braces it was easier to floss with my expander in but when i got my top braces the flossing become too hard sometimes the floss string would get stuck to the hooks of braces and it got really annoying i got my top braces in march they told me im get my expander off in September since my last turn was on January so 4 or 3 months to go yay!!!😂

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