How To Start Go Karting as a Complete Beginner


I have been getting a lot of questions on how to start karting. Well, here’s my answer. Enjoy the video!💸 Save 20% on OTK steering parts, laser and castor kits with the code “CASTOR20” :✅ Join the Discord server:📸 Follow me on Instagram:🎵 Follow me on TikTok:📺 Second channel:🏁 Karting vlogs:✉️ Business email: [email protected]=====================================0:00 – Intro 0:22 – Rental Karting 2:08 – Owner Karting 6:23 – Karting with no money 7:50 – Outro=====================================#howto #karting #start=====================================kart,go kart,karting,go karting,how to start karting,how to start karting with no money,how to start karting uk,how to start karting cheap,how to start karting usa,how to start a karting career,start karting,starting karting uk,start go kart racing,start go karting,karting for beg,karting for beginners,karting tips for beginners,how to karting,how to become a racecar driver,how to become a kart,how to become a karting driver,how to become a go kart racer =====================================How To Start Go Karting as a Complete Beginner

20 thoughts on “How To Start Go Karting as a Complete Beginner

  1. How is this man not already insured kart next year! I just subscribed and I think to help this man out you should to:) thank you

  2. I’ve been racing for 3 years now, but I’m really trying to get into a professional series like USPKS. How do I get in with my cheap budget, or maybe even get a sponsor?

    1. If it’s possible.. pick an event that’s close to you so you have a little local knowledge
      Run by yourself (Vs under a tented team), sleep in the car to save on expenses if you have to.

      Sponsors are barely going to cover the bills in all reality, but there’s lots of resources out there on seeking sponsorship. You best next step might be to work for a team at a USPKS event or even the series itself. Driving on a tight budget is about doing a ton of things that don’t actually involve driving.

  3. In my case I basically did what u said about your local rental karting, I took a course and now I’m racing 4 strokes (I also gonna be racing the T4 nations Cup which is like a 4 strokes world cup) 4 strokes is also a cheaper way than 2 strokes and there might be some official competitions by the FIA soon so 4 strokes is another option

  4. also another tip, as a ka100 owner i would recommend rotax engines. my karting friend owns a rotax engine and has barely had any engine problems, and now is in my class, ka4. I even drove his kart once and was loving it. my ka100 has had so many engine problems. many rebuilds has happened and even last clubday for me, we had 2 engines and both of them had reliability problems. this is just my opinion, and if you want to buy a ka100, your choice. Also another tip buy a rib guard like red said in the video, and i didn’t buy a rib guard and had bruised ribs for weeks then i bought a rib guard ( I bought a bengio rib guard), my ribs are now better and they are in better condition. hope this helps!

  5. I run a tonykart here in new Zealand running a l0206 (Briggs and Stratton)
    Now all karting is expensive I have found Briggs is the cheapest and all engines are sealed makes for cheaper racing.
    Anyways love you video keep up the good work

  6. When I first started karting the karts I used go 50 mph in Bristol Avonmouth I had a massive crash I was p1 my karting had a power problom so I was holding position and then the person behind me tapped my rear I drifted to save it I spun into the wall and hit the wall then 6 other karts rammed into the guy in 2nd and the guy in second his kart was on my head

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