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From the version 4.x of our plugin YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product filter, we said you can show the filters also in category pages and custom pages, not only in the standard shop page.But how do we do that? We already made a video to show you how you can use the widget, the shortcode and the gutenberg block in a custom page, but many customers asked us how to show filters in the category pages so we have made this video to explain how to do that.00:00 Intro 00:46 Difference between pages and categories 01:37 WooCommerce pages 01:55 WooCommerce categories 02:19 Customize pages 02:56 Customize categories 03:08 Two options to insert the sidebar 03:25 Insert a sidebar from a WooCommerce category 05:45 Insert a sidebar from a WordPress page 08:53 Edit permalinksLinks: *************************************** Plugin: Demo: Doc: tuned: *************************************** YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #YITHAJAXPRODUCTFILTER #WOOCOMMERCE

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  1. i don’t see sidebar position and sidebar to display option in mine backend i have installed proto too and woof category and filters

    1. Hi! With our plugin you have the option to decide in which pages you want to show the filters preset. By using the widget, the shortcode or the Gutenberg blocks you can determine where to display the filters and which preset to show for each page. However, in order to properly assist you, if you are already using the plugin you can reach our developers directly through one of the following channels. For the premium version please submit a ticket ; or open a new topic thread for the free version Best regards!

  2. Tnx a lot maam.. I was looking to find best filter plugin since yesterday , finally i got it.. tnx once again..Keep it up the good work.. Stay blessed

    1. Hi, Fiaz! 😃 Thank you so much for your feedback, we’re happy to learn our video tutorials are helping users find the right plugin! Stay tuned! 😉

    1. Hi, Marek! 😃 If you’re referring to the “order by” filter that offers “default sorting” you can create it as explained on this documentation page:
      If you’re referring to the products sorting on the “Man new category” page that was created at 06:33, you can set it by selecting the Products by Category block, and then going over to the Block menu to the right and scrolling down to Order by. If you’re referring to the order of the terms inside each filter, it should be arranged through the Order by option inside each filter. Keep in mind the plugin options mentioned are only available in the premium version. If this is not what you were referring to or you have further questions, feel free to contact us: Stay tuned! 😉

  3. Heya dear very awesome video i needed exactly the same ! Well can u please tell me which plugin or widget u have used for shop page for showing all the products?? Please reply asap !

    1. Hii Reefat! Thank you for your feedback:) In this tutorial, we are using our plugin YITH Ajax Product Filter premium version and our free Proteo theme. You can read in more detail about our theme here*1gtdv7j*_ga*MjA5MTc5NzcxLjE2NDE4MzE1MzY.*_ga_07N4GJ6E0Y*MTY1NTEzMzk4MS4yMzguMS4xNjU1MTM0MzkxLjUw. If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us directly so we can properly help Best regards!

    1. Hi Reefat! After you have created a specific filter preset, you can add it to any of your sidebars through the widget ‘YITH AJAX Filters preset’. For this you can go to your WP dashboard, Appearance > Widgets and from there choose the sidebar you want to use and insert the widget. For further information, please feel free to reach us through our contact form Best regards!

  4. How can you remove the hover text appearing next to the category text? It’s very annoying and doesn’t look good.

    1. Hi Mustafa! Yes, the option to include a tooltip that would appear when hovering is optional. When you are creating the filters, in the section to customize the terms you can decide whether to include or not the tooltip. You can find more information about customizing the terms here For any further assistance, please feel free to contact us at Best regards!

  5. How to display only the filters related to the current category ? Man filters should not be displayed on Woman category page.

  6. I have purchased yith premium plugin but not able to setup for mobile view. please help me with that

    1. Hello Samuel! Please note that in general, we record all our tutorials using our free theme Proteo. In this case, the specific feature to associate sidebars to the categories depends on the theme you are using. If this option is not possible, the alternative would be to create new custom pages. However, if you are already using the plugin and require further assistance, you can always reach out to our developers through one of the following channels: for the premium version, you can submit a support ticket here; for the free version, you can open a new thread in our forum Best regards!

  7. can you show us how we can add filters in this individual category pages and the filter has to be done for the same category?

    1. Hi there! 😃 In this video, from 03:08, we explain how to display the preset by inserting a sidebar to the category or page (the “YITH AJAX Filters Preset” has to be added first to a sidebar in Appearance > Widgets). You can also copy the preset shortcode and paste it on your custom page, or add the “YITH AJAX Filters Preset” block as mentioned here: You can see how these are added in this video tutorial from 03:44 on: In case you have further questions, you can contact us here: Stay tuned! 😉

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