How to Rank #1 in Google (Easy SEO Process – LIVE)


How do you optimize for SEO on the local level?Watch me deliver recommendations for a real business.You’ll discover that it’s not as hard as you might think!Can you do me a big favor?Like the video, if you’re loving it.– GotchResources:Gotch SEO Academy: Surfer:

20 thoughts on “How to Rank #1 in Google (Easy SEO Process – LIVE)

  1. which plug in are you using to check the meta description etc also would you mind giving more advice on my website so that i can rank in my country. most of my products are on page one thanks to you. i do follow your steps and Ave seen more improvement

  2. Thanks for these awesome videos!

    What would be low hanging fruit in terms of building backlinks to a site like this?

    I would assume most of the normal tactics like outbound emails and HARO aren’t really the best approaches for something like this

  3. You may be a best dantist in the city, but you may be 100 in the serp
    City can have 10 great dantists, but all traffic goes to first 3 who shown on a first page. And those first 3 can be not the best dantists as they too busy making their rankings with google.
    Google is garbage as a marketing tool and it cant be fixed.
    Rest in pain Google)))

  4. Why SEO is so expensive in the USA and cheap in India? Did a test and they are doing the same exact thing.

  5. Great video Nathan. Question: How would you setup a website to rank for emergency dentist if they had 2 locations? Would you have 2 separate emergency dentist pages? Or one page with both locations mentioned throughout?

    1. Depends on the competition. If it’s lower, we may try to rank with one page. However, if that doesn’t work well or the competition is higher, we’ll create a dedicated page

  6. There is no doubt that content length matters, but love your words where you said that use common sense and I would never use ky suggested by surfer that totally is not related with users searching for that ky.

  7. Hi Nathan , on that dentist site where you said you would restructure the url by adding in the location , would you then 301 the old url ? In case that had any links pointing to it , internal or external ?

  8. Been following you all over the place since feb this year. I had a referral from someone who I did seo for like 5 years ago . So this new beauty salon reach out and I took them on . Following you just on here and Twitter since feb I have managed to get them from page 6 to spot 2-3 on page 1 ! For 7 services they provide . Added more content because that was really really thin . Built out some silos and interlinked those to the related target services pages . Only built 3 links from local websites and just kept track on things . The growth has been fantastic, very very happy customer all thanks to what I have learnt from you , god of seo is what I call you now 😂😂 all this just from following your free content so I can only imagine what your paid training must be like 😱😱 yes I know maybe the comp for this niche in local might not be strong but it ain’t weak either. So so grateful to you .

  9. Showing a demo is 10 times effective than telling random things that a beginner cannot digest thanks for the topic

  10. another video like this like content that has anchor texts like those mentioned in this lovely video and their sole purpose with ranking in google with multiple keywords ranking. i am watching this for 5th time really love type of content

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