If you enjoy our videos, check out our clothing range! today’s video we cover a tutorial on how to overtake in go karting. Let us know your favorite overtaking move from the video in the comment section below.(The onboard karting footage was recorded at Lusail Go Karting Circuit which is located at the Qatar F1 track)


  1. Thanks so much for the tips, my friends always defend like a lion and I wanna know how to get past them as soon as possible

  2. Good video, BUT… It’s based on the other drivers being off the racing line. Could you do a video on how to overtake someone of similar ability who stays on the racing line?

    1. you should prepare the move 4-5 corners before the actual move (acing the corners perfectly), so you should be right on the tail of the guy in front to make a move. just brake later than him and go down the inside. remember, that braking later than him means holding the brakes longer as well (you might release the brakes even after the apex, if you need so)

  3. My favourite overtaking manoeuvre ever was at Little Rissington. I braked a little early, cut to the inside in order to get on the power early and be facing out on a better angle (you need both). Then, you can easily pass on the inside. I explained to my friend exactly how to do it. I came up behind him in the dog leg. He did it perfectly, passing 2 karts. Then, I got him too!

  4. I’m watching this video because my first time in an actual go karting race (because I was old enough now) I tried to overtake this woman but she obviously can’t see behind her and when I tried to drive past her she turned into me and we collided.

    I wanted to know how and when is it safe to overtake someone when go karting to avoid any sort of accidents like that because she ended up with a huge red bruise on her neck 😬

  5. I really wish I could go gokarting more often, but it’s too expensive really, but the times I have gone with my friends have been a lot of fun (although messy). These videos make me reallu excited to drive again!

  6. Elbows out is what I used to do as a kid, but plenty of misjudgments ended with being pinned on the wall. It’s nice to see different techniques explained, and I will gladly add them to my toolbelt for use against my mates.

  7. Great intro, thanks! My 3 year old son loves F1, so I take him to the go kart track at the beach where I live, where they have 2 seat karts. No one is a real driver (including me) or follows the racing line (as I never did as a kid), so simply by watching F1 I started to be quicker than anyone. But overtaking is very hard on the track as it’s narrow. So thanks! I just hope I’m not a Jos Verstappen waiting to happen. My kid stands up on the car when we stop and pretends to be Alonso winning a race.

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