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Learn how to create an amazing blog step by step with no step skipped.We researched many, many blogs that earn from $1 dollar to $14 million dollars per month. We found what they had in common and simplified it into a 2 hour tutorial.Free website giveaway! Fill out the form below to enter a change to win a free website giveaway.

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You will learn:How to get your own website name. How to install WordPress. How to make any blog design in the world. How to post your latest articles to your website. How to make a home page, blog page, contact page and about page. How to add more pages to your blog. How to make a logo and insert it into your blog. Learn about plugins (like apps) and how to add them so your website can do whatever you want.Plus much more!You can download files needed for this design here: did a ton of research for this blog to make sure you have the best chance of success for your blog. Check it out: Intro 00:05:25 Setup Overview 00:08:34 Get Domain Name & Hosting 0:15:45 Get Hosting Discount Use coupon code UNLOCK for the biggest available discount. I will also get a commission that allows me to make these in-depth tutorials for free at no additional cost to you, thank you!00:16:35 Install WordPress 00:19:45 Login00:20:45 Delete Plugins 00:23:15 Configure Permalinks 00:24:35 Install Theme 00:26:13 Install Template 00:30:31 Setup Pages 00:32:25 Add Blog Posts 00:41:08 Add Blog Page & Configure Menu00:43:55 Homepage Design 01:06:48 Mobile Friendly Homepage01:16:08 Create a Logo / Favicon 01:19:42 Header Design 01:28:25 Footer Design01:35:05 Blog Page Design 01:43:41 Mobile Friendly Blog01:47:21 About Page Design 01:56:00 Mobile Friendly About02:00:17 Contact Page Design 02:05:16 Mobile Friendly Contact 02:06:52 Contact Form Setup02:10:52 Blog Post Design02:13:44 LogoutHope you love it as much as I do.

26 thoughts on “How To Make a WordPress Blog – Step by Step

  1. Brilliant video, really easy to follow along with and although very detailed, that is exactly what beginners need. Got a very nice looking site now. Many thanks

  2. This looks like such a great tutorial that I want to follow to build a new blog on WordPress. Just wanting to know how to install WordPress on an existing website with Weebly. Can I skip the hosting section and install WordPress onto my existing website? If so, how do you do this? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks. N.

    1. Thanks, glad it helped! 🙂
      No, you can’t install WordPress on your existing website. You will need to purchase a hosting from hostgator etc to use WordPress.

    2. @Tyler Moore Can I use my existing domain name hosted by go daddy on host gator or do I have to register a new domain name?

  3. Thank you for creating this tutorial on the Blog. I have a WP Blog that I started without Elementor, how do I delete that Blog so I can start a new one following your tutorial? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you…

    1. You are welcome! 🙂
      You can install ‘WP Reset’ plugin to reset your wordpress and then follow the tutorial step by step.

  4. if you want to make responsive sites just do percent (%) when typing margins and paddings it was easier for me and i didnt have any issues with it
    thank you for this great tutorial its clear beginner friendly and repeated so it will be remembered after this video and not easily forgotten! 👍

  5. Your tutorials blow everyone else out of the water! Thanks for doing such a great job and providing wonderful content. You are greatly appreciated!

  6. Hi, Tyler. I just ended your tutorial. I followed you step by step, and I am happy to say, I did finished it successfully. This is the first time I started and finished a tutorial of this type. I regret the fact that I can only give it a thumbs up only once. I have been a subscriber for sometime. It wasn’t until I came across your “We All Love Nature” tutorial that I seriouly began to follow your tutorials, and I am glad I did. I am impressed. In this tutorial, “Make A Blog”, it is like your primary goal is not to prove or show how much you know your craft; rather, you came across like a good master whose only interest is to make his students fall in love with how to make a website. Again, thank you.

  7. If you are having a problem about your homepage : after installing “Astra” and you visited your website and it says “Opps the link was faulty.. search for something?” So you just have to install any other theme like “generatepress” go to your Dashboard> settings> reading> Home page > Home save changes
    Then You should reswitch to Astra again…and This time when you visit your site your default page be your “Home page”. ❤

  8. Hey Tyler, great video and thank you for making this! It really helped a lot! Quick question, I am stumped with my website url, when I type it in, it doesn’t go to the homepage, it takes me to what appears to be a list of all of the blog post without the header. When I type in the url and add /home, I am taken to the home page like in your video. Are you able to help me out?



  9. This was a great course and very clearly presented step by step. Thank you very much Tyler for your kindness and giving us a WordPress guide that is worth paying for. It was detailed and I could easily follow. Blessings to you.

  10. Hey Tyler.
    The tutorial was so helpful, I followed along. and did it all step-by-step.
    I just loved that how you taken care of all the things involved and how you structured the complete process. Just keep it up 👍
    Thanks a Lot 🙏

  11. Thank you so much for this step by step. Outstanding tutorial and saved me from tearing any more hair from my already thinning mane! You, sir, are a legend.

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