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If you’ve ever wanted to learn graphic design, then this video is for you! I put together some resources on how to learn graphic design at home and hope you find them helpful! TAKE MY CLASSES // • Illustrator for Beginners: • Photoshop for Beginners: LEARNING DESIGN // Learning Graphic Design Playlist: Creative Bloq Article: THE FUTUR CHANNELS // The Futur YouTube Channel: The Futur Academy: IMAGE RESOURCES // Unsplash: Pexels: PORTFOLIO SITES // DESIGN INSPIRATION // TUTORIAL CHANNELS // • Main Channel – • Illustrator – • Photoshop – • InDesign – • Premiere Pro – • After Effects – Download project files and other resources from the Pixel & Bracket Vault on my website: Get Skillshare Premium for free and learn from myself and thousands of other creators: My favorite place to get music for my YouTube videos: I love using StreamYard for my livestreams, video recording, and podcasts with guests. You can try it for free and get $10 off when you sign up with my link: My two favorite YouTube browser plugins and keyword research tools are VidIQ ( and TubeBuddy ( I use each and HIGHLY recommend them if you want to grow a successful YouTube channel! (btw just pick one, having both is probably overkill… 😅) MY YOUTUBE GEAR // • Work Camera – • Work Camera Lens – • Personal Camera – • Personal Camera Lens – • Webcam – • My Favorite Tripod – • Camera Mic – • Desk Mic Bundle – • Mic Arm – • SD Card – • Card Reader – • Desk Lights – • Studio Lights – • RGB Lightstrip – • RGB Bar Light – Some of the links above may help support this channel through a small affiliate commission at no extra cost to you! COME SAY HI // • • • •

20 thoughts on “How to Learn Graphic Design at Home

    1. @Pixel & Bracket that is super awesome! Keep up the good work. My wife and I are now are serving in the online livestream ministry at our church Grace Apostolic Church in Indianapolis. We have been using Wirecast mostly self taught. We are trying to go to the next level by learning to create graphics both ( forgive me for not knowing or using proper jargon) still and moving graphics. To often we are in need of graphics like a count down or themed backgrounds and it could become costly to always purchase them. Also, we cant be to careful downloading free stuff from the internet. So we truly appreciate your videos and content.

  1. If you need to enroll your kids into a graphic designing class then go ahead and contact this man up here 👆👆👆my kids and doing perfectly we in just few months

  2. Well Well Well, Title is Catchy! And Also the video is much and more informative. But…
    This is not the video I am searching for as a beginner Sir.

  3. Nice tips dude I want to be a graphic designer as well because I want to design flannels to make them look different (pushing the cliche). What inspired me was dixxon, retro rifle, and video games, and the colors that remind me of something. I’m drawing them on my tablet and they’re my best work. I can’t wait to start my business to sell clothing.

  4. okay so, first of all, I LOVE how you have your site, info and just everything set up. Your organization, delivery and presentation is absolutely stunning and helpful, especially for neuro-divergent people who are easily overwhelmed/overstimulated by all the info traffic on these subjects. Thank you so much!

  5. Hey there! Just wanna thank you for this video, I am striving to become an animator, starting from square 1.
    Just hoping to learn as much as I can to do such things.

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