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32 thoughts on “How To Get An Information Technology Management Degree In Six Months | Western Governors University

  1. Great information! Currently trying to decide between this program and MIS @ CSU Global. Based off WGU online info. the ITM program does’t seem to have any or much programming as some of the other MIS programs. Is it still a good choice then? I really like how the CSU Global curriculum looks but the cost is more and I would be paying out of pocket. Any suggestions?

    1. What are your goals? If you want to become a programmer then CSU or a school with CS or CIS would be better. If you are interested in tech and management then ITM would be best for you.

    2. @Black Heights – Advancing Your Career Ok. I am more interested in tech and management. My goal is to gain knowledge for a career with a BS in MIS/ITM and add a MBA in Finance or International Business. I already make 6 figures as a sound electrician/engineer but looking to move into a different career. Less physical, more mental. Thank you. Your information has confirmed what I’ve been feeling may be the correct field to enter into.

    3. @Jay Evans CSU Global’s MITM is a good program. I just recently finished. The program consists of a lot of writing on implementing information systems and security, reinforcing the concepts. WGU or CSU Global, you will be fine.

  2. GREAT VIDEO!!! I am wanting to start my degree and this video answered all my questions about WGU and IT Management! Thank you so much for your time

  3. After I finish my BSBITM my job is offering me a position making 70k to 90k. I am full time but I have the support even though I have 4 kids but they are older except for my 4 month old. Wife is very supportive I know it’s not going to be easy but I am shooting for a 1 yr or sooner finish

  4. Thanks for sharing, I’m interested in IT mngnt program but my background isn’t related to it or computer science, i hold a bachelors degree in economic sciences and management and currently study an mba option supply chain management, do you think is it feasible to study an MSc masters in IT management in my case, thanks in advance 😊

    1. Sure if there is a reason or a career you want to pursue and you will gain the skills in the MSc program.

    2. Thanks for your reply 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻, at first i thought i should study first a bachelors degree in it to be able to pursue a masters degree in it management, that’s cool 😎 👍

  5. Every exam is proctored by examity or another service. It’s not open book. You share your screen and you’re on camera the whole time.

  6. I have been listening to your videos while I am driving, I found your videos by doing my research on Supply Chain Management after listening to your videos I am really leaning towards Management Information Systems. When I graduated high school my major was Computer science but I knew I would have to keep going because of certifications so I changed my major and got a Associate degree thank you for sharing. Currently I’m truck driver and I am ready for a change.

    1. MS is 20 months and for experienced IT professionals to gain a more technical understanding. The MBA is 12 months and it will give you a better business understanding with the ability to manage IT but doesn’t go deep in the tech.

    2. Thank you for responding!
      So would you say for a career switch from a BA in Criminal Justice minor in Public Admin that it would be smart to go with MBA ITM ?

    3. @Jillian.H yes I think the MBA would be best for you especially if you want to go into upper management.


    1. @Macbird Moon hi, so you will be starting the MBA ITM not MS ITM? I start the MBA ITM with no tech experience.

  8. Currently I think they provide A+ and security from CompTIA and aws cloud cert but I already got my A+ and security so it also says on their website the certs can be counted as credits

  9. I have 5 years experience in IT field Hardware repairs, to desktop support remotely and even side certs as well. Im thinking about doing Accelerated masters and bachelor’s .

  10. I am debating which Masters to get. I am torned between MBA ITM or MS IT. Which one is worth it? I want to change careers into because I am currently a teacher.

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