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It is common for the wearers of dental braces to sometimes suffer some kind of orthodontic emergency during treatment.In this 3d animation of Clínica Médico Dental Pardiñas ( we show the most common situations and emergencies that may arise in orthodontic treatment such as loose brackets, mouth sores, poking wires, and infections.00:00 Introduction: It is common for patients with orthodontic appliances to sometimes suffer some kind of setback during treatment.00:12 Fallen bracket: One of the most common is the debonding of a bracket, the solution of which is to re-recement the bracket in its correct position.00:53 Bent Archwire: When the archwire that joins the brackets is bent by accident, usually due to the impact of some hard food, it can cause the teeth to move into an incorrect position if the shape of the arch is not corrected.01:03 Poking wire: As the teeth are placed in their correct position, it is possible that the archwire that joins the brackets, protrudes from the back, causing lesions in the mucosa. If that happens, it would be necessary to cut off that excess archwire.01:17 Wounds and sores from braces: It is common for the braces or tubes used in orthodontics to rub against the mucosa, causing small ulcerations, especially in the first days after placing the appliance. There are materials such as orthodontic wax, to place on top of the appliance in the affected area, and thus protect the mucosa from chafing.01:35 Loose bands: Bands that are sometimes placed on molars can become loose. If that happens, it will be necessary to re-insert them in their position.01:51 Loose ligatures: A ligature in place or that has become loose or moved, can cause friction in the mucosa,, causing injuries.02:03 Infection of microscrews or miniplates: In the case of patients with skeletal anchors, it may happen that some of them loosen or become infected. If this occurs, the anchor should be repositioned and the infection removed.Subscribe to our Youtube channel 👉 3D VIDEOS in English 👉 us also on: 👍 Instagram: 👍 Facebook: 👍 Twitter: 👍 Linkedin: 👍 Tiktok: 👍 Pinterest: #brackets #braces

26 thoughts on “How to FIX BROKEN BRACES and other orthodontic emergencies: poking wire, loose bands… ©

  1. Hi doctor, so i ate food at round 2pm and went to gargle with water after but my front teeth who has spring and wire on it completely fell of on the right side, so it’s bothering me, i went to cut the other side and now there are no spring and wire on my front teeth, i hid it safe but my 1 teeth on front is hurting

  2. I was messing with my braces (first hour of getting them) and I heard a loud snap

    I don’t know what the issue is or how to identify it

    1. The same thing happened to me quite often. My problem is that the glue that stuck the brackets to the teeth came off, and the bracket was literally just hanging on the wire.

  3. hi so i had my braces put on about 3 weeks ago and I have 2 back wires at the bottom if that makes sense? so the main one that connects through and then i have a mini one that wraps around that wire, the mini one that wraps around has come loose should I tell my orthodontist or wait till my next appointment that isn’t till November 15th?

  4. Hi doc so my wire came loose out with the other brackets but the other right is not loose and I have an appointment tmr am I ok for now?

  5. Hey doc so I have a question I think the bracket came off the pad that is glued to my tooth, should I visit the orthodontist or can I wait to my next appointment?

  6. There is a ques to you, do the gum also go inside the brases… ?? 🤔 Becoz where I have tied, they are saying that the gum do not go inside… 😐

  7. hey question my bracket in the right at the broke my orthodontist is already angry at me because i broke it on my last appointment what should i do?

    1. Let your orthodontist know about this, they would tell you what to do, it depends on the case. Some cases can wait until next appointment without problem.

  8. Hey doctor so I have this question and Im really worried, I just got my braces on the 26th October and two of my brackets are unglued and my dentist appointment is on the 25th of November, is it bad will it damage the process ???

  9. My dentist isn’t cut the excess arch wires but I applied the wax and it’s damn hurt my molar
    I can’t even eat without the wax and can’t sleep too
    I drink the medication too to heal but still hurt

  10. Doctor my bracket has come out how to fix it at home if i go to my dentist she will should at me plze can u hlp me

  11. Hi doc just got my braces few weeks ago and my braces are being placed on my upper teeth but lower like right under my upper teeth so every time I eat I keep bumping them so I wanted to ask should I go to my orthodontist so she can take them upper or is it impossible or is it possible but she will charge me because I have a deep bite

    1. They shouldn’t touch the uppers with the lowers. If that happens an bite lift should me done to avoid it

  12. i have a lot of loose ligatures and i just got my braces 3 days ago, should i wait until my next appointment in 4 weeks or should i schedule and appointment sooner?

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