How to DOMINATE Google with Parasite SEO


Do you want to learn more about parasite SEO and dominate your niche? In this video, you’re going to learn a technique that will help you to get to the top of Google instantaneously.What we’ll cover: 00:00 Introduction 02:44 Selecting Where to Post 05:46 Content Writing 06:49 After its Posted 08:27 Parasite SEOLINKS & RESOURCES Ahrefs: Keyword Cannibalization: Cloaking Affiliate Links: Rank Club: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Subscribe here ►► my Evergreen Onsite SEO Guide FREE ►► more Advanced SEO Tips, check out this Playlist ►►

20 thoughts on “How to DOMINATE Google with Parasite SEO

  1. Great Video. Just to add, you don’t just need NEWS websites that ask for $$$. There are cheaper and even free alternatives available.

  2. ask or tell how to dominate hackers who can always work for you and keep your website’s rank high

  3. IN SIMPLE TERMS CREATIVITY IS DOOMED LET US JUST COPY OR ASSOCIATE WITH WHAT ALREADY IS. Even write what is already out there since if they getting attention. Why should the people care about creativity. Creator, Content? No ! just copy, join with others and don’t do what you have in your soul. What a messed up world.

    I hope a day comes when all these folly that is hurting the world and what can be shared will be overturned.
    Now you can just write or create anything. Originality is useless in a world of thieves.
    Just copy what is out there and get the dividends.

    Give me a few 100’s thousands and I will reverse all these and google will die.
    I will rank content based on originality and quality and not authority or backlink etc.
    Then more millionaires would be made and more the general public would gain new knowledge and progress would be made.
    I know people with amazing new inventions that cooperate bodies paid them to not bother.
    This is too good and would make their lives too easy. we want people to suffer so you are smart but for that pretty invention of yours.
    Here is a few millions to satisfy your soul. Bye.

    So you see why most people don’t rank it’s not that there is too much competition. no. it’s that a few monopolize the top position no matter what they post. Others rarely get seen and their is what you will find.
    nice Video though but it just made me express what I have been feeling for some time now.

    This is very similar to race ism and who we deem important and we don’t care about what anyone else has done.

  4. Hey Matt, thanks for the small but fine Video about Parasite Seo.
    What would you do if you wanna Rank for SEO Agency or SEO Freelancer + City but you live outside the US/UK etc. for example Thailand? ^^
    Is there a way to rank? All Top Rankings have a Local Office in the specific City Area… Any Suggestions?

  5. I just started YouTube about 10 months ago and I’ve been kind of stuck at a certain amount. Thanks for an informative video.

  6. I love the last line about Google baking in their link algo.

    Before the big changes around 2018 You could rank higher than the big boys with a really well written piece of content if it was better. Now Google doesn’t give a rats how good your content is.

    They decided to put way more emphasis on links. I always predicted that at some point they’re gonna have to back that off again because it’s getting ridiculous.

    Links are being bought everywhere you go. Either a link is nofollow or it’s paid for and Google has created a situation where manipulation is even worse than before.

    All this does is make it so a handful of websites get all the traffic and all the mom and pop shops go down.

    So if google wants to play the game We can too.

  7. Thanks for highlighting how skewed the SERPs are because of so called ‘Authority’ sites and how useless these actually are, for that reason. The irony is, the SERPs are themselves poor quality content.

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