How to do Scandi Maximalism

How to do Scandi Maximalism

In conversation with Nathalie Marquez Courtney

Why do you think we’re finally moving away from minimalism or quiet Scandi designs?

I think minimalism in lifestyle and home decor, especially the Scandinavian kind, is cultural, more than anything else. Some people have a natural affinity for it, and it also has to do with the quality of light and the landscape in certain regions, as well as traditional art. So, historically, you would have geometric motifs and subdued colours in Northern countries, and an explosion of primary hues in Southern hemisphere countries. In terms of interior design, I don’t think people are moving away from minimalism design per se, but from the kind of monochrome, sparse decor that has dominated the last few years, when Nordic design has enjoyed massive popularity.


For how long have you been noticing an increase in interest in more luxe finishes (marbles, warm metals, velvets, etc)?

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I have noticed this trend becoming stronger for about five years now, and more so this year and, hopefully the next. I’ve always had a thing for metals and marble, and I’ve grown to love velvet. At Home Lust Concept Store, I’ve sourced these luxe finishes from the very beginning, and I’m glad I gambled on this trend becoming really big, which it has.


What do you love about the trend?

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I love the luxe finishes trend most of all because the materials are so beautiful and durable. Most of them, like marble, and other kinds of lustrous rocks, and velvet (the kind made from cotton), and metals are natural so they have this organic quality about them. I also love the fact that they are very versatile materials and can be used in a myriad of ways, and are perfect to elevate any decor scheme, if done tastefully.

We’ve seen a lot of over-the-top glamour in the late 90s up to recently, but this new era of luxe is more understated, timeless and sophisticated.

What tips would you give to readers hoping to get the look?

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Combining hard materials with soft textures is the best way to create a glamourous but relaxed decor. Think marble surfaces and velvet settees for an open-plan living room/kitchen, whitewashed wood and fur snugs or tasselled textiles are great for a delightful sleeping space. Add small brushed gold and copper accessories for contrast and a bit of sparkle.


What colours work well together in this style?

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My favourite combination when I think luxe is navy or black with brushed gold. It’s a very regal and glamourous combo that works best in an interior scheme that is otherwise minimalist. Forest greens and dark copper are another way to add exciting details to your home decor. Glass in dark colours is also a fascinating way to create atmosphere.


How do you keep the look fresh and modern and from looking too heavy?

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The secrete to achieving a luxe look that is not too ornate is to stick to natural materials, that are naturally less shiny, and adding just the right amount of colour and glitter to a room. My personal take on it is using minimalist furniture made from opulent materials, and adding statement light fixtures for extra impact.

Excerpts of this have appeared in a recent CITY AND COUNTRY Magazine by Sherry Fitgerald here . 


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