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15 thoughts on “How to Develop a Concept in Interior Design

  1. Yaaay, look at you! I hope one day, on my architectural path to have my YouTube channel like Dami Lee! I really like your videos and your thought process. Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

  2. Hm as a faculty teaching interior design I find what you show problematic and maybe why my students tend to not realize what interior design can be about

    Yes a mood board is something we could do but I feel it is not as essential

    I do ask students to write stories about how somebody experiences the space

    And that is based on the most important and fundamental need: good ethnography – human centered research

    Otherwise it is the usual make it look nice and call that interior design …

  3. Personally, I really like the fireplace… (But, that comes from someone with no architectural, or indeed any artistic background at all…)

  4. Bahhh I love you lol I would keep that fireplace red maybe add some yellow and orange tones. If you get the time, do you think you can come speak at our architecture class down here in Spokane? I am sure our instructor David Edwards would love to have you by.

  5. Don’t paint over the red brick. It’s got a distinct, warm and textured character to it that adds a little something, and that something goes well with the feel of what you’re after for your space. It gives it a distinct, rustic heritage feel to it.

    Plus, you do that, you can say goodbye to that security deposit 😬

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