How to customize the WooCommerce Shop Page using the Storefront Blocks plugin .com/watch?v=soj5Ot88wxk

How to customize the WooCommerce Shop page using Gutenberg the new WordPress Block Editor and the Storefront Blocks plugin.Storefront Blocks free 14 day trial – Storefront Block live examples – note that you will our premium WordPress plugin Storefront Blocks for this tutorial – Intro 00:05 – Example Customize WooCommerce Shop Page 01:13 – How to Build a Customized Woocommerce Shop Page 01:23 – The WordPress Blocks 02:49 – Adding a Category Section 02:58 – WooCommerce BlocksThe 4 simple steps to customize your WooCommerce shopImportant note! For this to work you will need the Storefront Blocks plugin active ( as this lets you override the WooCommerce default shop page design with your own layout. Please note that Storefront Blocks is a commercial plugin. It’s available for a free 14 day trial so you can try it out to see if it works for you.If the Storefront Blocks plugin is not active then the default WooCommerce shop page layout will show.1) Create a brand new page (this is going to be your new WooCommerce shop page). You can call this page whatever your like e.g Store 2) Customize the design and layout or your new Store page using a combination of Storefront Blocks, WooCommerce blocks or any third party WordPress Blocks. 3) Set this page to be your new WooCommerce Shop page in WooCommerce / Settings / Products Add this page to your menuHere’s a link to the full article that explains ‘step by step’ how to customize your WooCommerce Shop Page’s a list of the plugins that I used to customize the WooCommerce Shop pageStorefront Blocks (available as a free trial) – Storefront Blocks lets you override the default WooCommerce Shop page design and layout without requiring any code. It also contains 8 premium WooCommerce Blocks, including a Product Table Block, a Square Grid Block, a Masonry Product Block, a Product Slider Block, a Product Carousel Block, and a Product Category Block.WooCommerce Blocks (now included with WooCommerce) – WooCommerce Blocks allow you to select and display products across your site. It lets you show products by featured, best sellers, hand-picked, on-sale, and by category and tag.