How To Create A WordPress Website with GoDaddy [2021]: A GoDaddy WordPress Tutorial for Beginners .com/watch?v=bbJsBnEpuIE

💰$1 / Month WordPress on GoDaddy: Learn how to create a website with WordPress using GoDaddy, even if you’re an absolute beginner! We’ll walk you through the entire process of building a website with WordPress in 2021, step-by-step, with no steps skipped.If you don’t create your WordPress website with some fundamental elements, it probably won’t ever succeed. The truth is that 94% of new websites get no traffic at all. We’ll show you how to build a website that search engines will index, based on our experience creating websites that get more than 1.5 million organic visitors every month.First, we’ll show you how to sign up for managed WordPress hosting with GoDaddy. If you use our link (, you can get a full year of web hosting for just $12. Then, we’ll help you choose a stunning theme from StudioPress. Finally, we’ll walk you step-by-step through the process of creating a website with WordPress.1. Introduction [0:02] 2. How To Register For A GoDaddy Account [0:37] 3. How To Purchase Managed WordPress Hosting From GoDaddy [1:06] 4. Sign Up For A WordPress Account [2:19] 5. How To Access Your WordPress Website [2:49] 6. Introduction To WordPress Customizer and Dashboard [3:28] 7. How To Purchase and Install A StudioPress Theme [3:47] 8. Tour of Essence Pro Theme [7:16] 9. How To Edit Your Site Identity [7:56] 10. How To Add A Logo To Your Website [8:58] 11. How To Uploade A Header Background Image [11:22] 12. How To Edit Home Page Central Subtext [12:41] 13. Edit Button Text and Url [13:31] 14. How To Change Your Website Footer [15:21] 15. Publish Edits On Your WordPress Website [16:28] 16. Edit Home Page Header Text / Introduction To WordPress Block Editor [17:08] 17. How To Edit Newsletter Block Text [19:42] 18. How To Create and Delete Blog Posts In The WordPress Dashboard [21:48] 19. Adding A Featured Image To Posts [26:37] 20. How To Categorize Blog Posts [29:02] 21. How To Change Your Name In The WordPress Dashboard [31:31] 22. How To Alter Post Permalinks [33:46] 23. How To Add Blocks To Posts [35:50] 24. Using Headings In The Block Editor [36:55] 25. Creating A Contact Block [38:35] 26. Designing Your Website’s Contact Page [41:10] 27. How To Add A Featured Image To Pages [41:54] 28. How To Save and Add Reusable Blocks [42:44] 29. Changing Page Permalinks [46:02] 30. How To Customize Your Home Page Grid Layout [48:36] 31. Editing Post Previews [52:45] 32. Resolving Invalid Content Error [55:05] 33. How To Remove Buttons From Header Menu [56:56] 34. Designing Your Website’s Pricing Page [57:37] 35. Designing Your Website’s About Page [1:03:00] 36. Editing Your Website’s Header Menu [1:06:00] 37. A Note About Button URLs [1:11:10] 38. WordPress Plugins [1:12:32] 39. How To Configure Yoast SEO [1:13:03] 40. How To Optimize Pages With Yoast SEO [1:17:27] 41. How To Optimize Posts With Yoast SEO [1:21:22] 42. How To Set Up A Domain With GoDaddy [1:22:33] 43. Linking Newsletter Block To MailChimp Api Key [1:25:32] 44. Customizing Post Category Displays [1:28:32] 45. How To Make Your Website Available For Search Engine Indexing [1:31:00] 46. Editing Your Website Logo [1:31:40] 47. Wrapping It Up [1:32:10]Even if you’ve never made a website before, it’s easy to learn WordPress and the fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO).By the time you’re done with this tutorial, you’ll have a WordPress website you can be proud of!👉 Get a great StudioPress WordPress theme:👉 Get GoDaddy hosting for $1 / month: believe honesty is the best policy. We may receive a commission if you sign up for a GoDaddy hosting plan or purchase a StudioPress theme using our links. We only recommend companies we believe in. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and it’s a great way to support our channel.Beginner’s Guide To Yoast SEO: Social With Payette Forward: On Facebook: On Twitter: On Instagram: #WordPress #GoDaddy