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Purchase Web Hosting: Free Elementor Template Kits: how to start your own web design business with WordPress step by step in this 6 hour long detailed course that goes step by step on how to run your own successful web design business. In this web design tutorial, we have broken this video up into 5 different sections to help structure this tutorial in this WordPress TutorialChapter 1. WordPress Tutorial Chapter 2. Business Aspects Chapter 3. Business Workflow Chapter 4. Design Process Chapter 5. Marketing CampaignTimeStamps:Wordpress Intro 00:00 Get Hosting 07:57 Install WordPress 12:27 General Settings 15:16 How To Create Pages 18:05 Create A Menu 19:55 Wordpress Theme 23:45 Page Builders: 29:25 Import Template Kit: 30:50 Making Blog Post: 35:40 Wordpress Plugins: 45:30 Contact Form 48:30 Elementor Overview 50:20 Theme Customizer: 01:00:37 Reset WordPress Website 01:05:08 Intro To Gutenberg 01:09:00 Closing Remarks 01:14:55 Import Free Kits 01:17:56Business Introduction 01:29:48 Branding 01:30:40 Questionnaire 01:33:18 Proposals and Contracts 01:43:29 Pricing Methods 01:55:15 Initial Design 02:09:19 Scope Creep 02:10:06 Recurring Revenue 02:11:50 Freelancers Help 02:16:36 Maintenance Services 02:20:10 Customer Relations 02:22:53 SEO 02:24:25 Irate Customers 02:29:14 Billing Clients 02:33:14 Web Design Overview 02:38:44 Legal Structures 02:39:30 Scams 02:40:15Workflow 02:51:52 Hosting For Clients 02:52:55 Migrating Website 03:01:22 Terms To Know 03:03:27 General Workflow 03:10:42 Revision Tool 03:12:55 Do You Need A UI Tool? 03:15:58 Website Handoff 03:21:36Design: 03:31:43 03:33:24 Fonts 03:37:24 Colors 03:50:35 Padding 03:54:57 Landing Page 03:59:14 Animations 04:02:04 Structures 04:12:21WebSite Makeover 04:23:33 Figma Tutorial 04:28:38 Creating Frames 04:33:00 Typography 04:41:46 Creating Buttons 04:54:31 Protoyping 04:58:39 Colors 05:03:57 Images 05:11:27 Exporting 05:19:50 Marketing Tutorial 06:00:43 OutroImportant LinksPage Builders And UI Tools (Great To Start With)Figma: Elementor PRO: Brizy PRO: DIVI Theme: Template Kits: And Tools (Simplifies Your Business)Project Huddle: ManageWP: SEO Reseller: Upwork: Freelancer: PlaceIt: LegalZoom: Migrate Website: Revision Tool Tutorial: And Payments (Best Way To Protect Yourself)Proposable: PandaDoc: Docusign: Stripe: Paypal: https://www.paypal.comMarketing Resources (Hire A Helper To Post High Quality Profiles)20+ Best Directory Websites: 100+ Free Classified Websites: 75+ Submission Websites: Cragsilist: Yelp: https://www.yelp.comHere are Some Videos I Mentioned In This TutorialWordpress Resources: Elementor Tutorial: Brizy Tutorial: Divi Theme Tutorial: RankMath Tutorial: VideosCold Calling Script: Creating A Questionaire: Creating A Proposal In Depth:, Contract, Proposals Free To Checkout My Social ChannelsMy Website:  Facebook Group: Linkedin: to Connect With Daniel?Daniel’s Full Design Course Daniels Youtube Channel Daniels Faebook Group Daniels InstaGram Daniels Linkedin Daniels Twitter again for watching this tutorial.If you have any questions, please feel free to visit my website at

16 thoughts on “How To Create A SUCCESSFUL Web Design Business with WordPress & Make $100K A Year

  1. Hi Daniel! You have done a good job here, and I have learned much from this video. Thanks a lot for not holding anything behind. You both are great designers and I admire your creativity. Hope to design like you someday. 💪

  2. On of the best video in my life ever. i watch this video continuously for 6 hours without skipping but did not feel any boring. Thank you so much dear ❤️🥰

  3. Why do i need to buy a domain and pay for hosting to design and sell my website to my client? i don’t understand how that works

  4. Fantastic! I have a question. When creating child themes to sell on a marketplace, how do you package it? I mean I have seen buyers who upload the json file, then the see a button to install content. How do you package the “install content” part?

  5. Anyone, can you answer this?

    For the SEO packages 2:14:58, how can I charge them more than the written price, wouldn’t they see the package prices written?

  6. Thank you so much Darrel <3

    What do you think about joomla? do you recommend for Web Design Business
    i know wordpress is #1 but for some reason

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