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In this video I’m gonna show you how to create a product grid / archive page with Elementor Pro, the Astra theme and Woocommerce. This Woocommerce Archive page also has a category list on the left that will automatically filter your Woocommerce products by category.The playlist with all the Woocommerce videos: The page with all the links:→ Software that I recommend Elementor: Hosting provider premium: Hosting provider affordable: Adobe Xd (design software): All software I recommend:→ Hardware & Gear that I use for videos Macbook Pro 13 inch: Camera: RX100 Mark 3: Microphone: Fefine: Chair & Sit/stand Desk:→ Helpful for beginner Elementor Basics in 10 minutes. Watch: Elementor Pro Basics in 20 minutes. Watch: How to Install Elementor and WordPress. Watch:→ My social media Instagram Livingwithpixels: Personal Instagram: of the above links are affiliate links, which means that I earn a commission when you make a purchase via my link. Thanks a lot if you decide to do that! I couldn’t make all these videos without it.

15 thoughts on “How to create a Product grid / Archive page with Categories – Elementor Woocommerce

  1. Hi I found your video helpful HOWEVER…..After Following your tutorial, I’ve created a Product Archive page. On that page I’ve created a side bar with the Categories menu. I want to make it so whatever category I click on should show ONLY those products in element. Right now the product archive page says “Products” at the top and all products show below that, BUT When i click on one of the categories on the left it opens up a different pages for the category and it shows all the products for that category. it doesn’t sort the Products on the same page like your tutorial shows.. What am I missing???

  2. Hi Rino! thanks so much for the content you put out, you really changed my life direction! wanted to offer actual website implementation besides the design so I need to thank you for that!

    I have one question ,is there a way to modify the My account page / Register / Login without using another plugin? thanks!

  3. the navigation bar of my products is not appearing I have more than 50 products on my page but only 12 are appearing how can i add navigation bar

  4. Hi man! Great video, just had a problem at the end of my website when I see it on my phone, how can I change the row product to only show 2 and not 3 on the same row

  5. Nice! When I’m creating a product archive and press on a product category, I get redirected to the “default” woocommerce product-category page. What am I doing wrong?

  6. This video is very interesting, but I have problems with the product archive. when I click the nav bar which has been set vertically, it moves the page and does not standby on that page. Please provide a solution. Thank you

  7. ARRRRRGGGHHHH! Hello…i have followed this so carefully and repeatedly BUT “Astra straight out of the box” hasn’t given me a menu across the top with a “SHOP” page. How can I fix this…CAN ANYBODY HELP???

  8. Hi there, just found your youtube channel and this is great! thank you so much. I have an additional question.. I have product categories within product categories. The product archive also decides how multiple product categories are shown, but I am not given any options to change the design of these. Do you have a useful tip for managing the design of these?

    For example a brand (parent product category) “Lego” and multiple product categories underneath that (children product categories) “City” , “Friends” , “Disney” but the display of those children-product-categories seems fixed even with Elementor Pro 😅

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