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How to Be a Princess Makeover #DisneyBeauties #cbias #shop
On Saturday, I took Prynne and Seven to the #DisneyBeauties Walmart Sleeping Beauty Retailtainment event at Walmart for their princess Halloween costumes shopping spree.  They had a wonderful time and loaded our cart up with enough costumes and accessories to transform into Aurora and Snow White in an epic Halloween princess makeover!
They drew attention all through the store since they were both dressed as Sleeping Beauty to promote the release of the Sleeping Beauty DVD diamond edition.  I grabbed the movie set right away:
Sleeping Beauty Gift Set #DisneyBeauties #cbias #shop
Seven and Prynne stuck together and waved to the shoppers:
Girls Arrive Sleeping Beauty Event #DisneyBeauties #cbias #shop
The craziness of the shopping spree started when they hit the toys section and spotted the Disney princess display.  Prynne wanted everything, including this princess beauty shop set (which we didn’t get!).
Prynne Shopping #DisneyBeauties #cbias #shop
Seven was all about Snow White accessories from the beginning.  She found the vibrant slippers:
Seven Shopping Shoes #DisneyBeauties #cbias #shop
I tried showing them accessories we could use for a Halloween Disney princess costume makeover.
Sleeping- Beauty Shopping #DisneyBeauties #cbias #shop
But they fell in love with the giant princess gift sets, which include all the accessories to be the princess of your choice.
Sleeping Beauty Seven Loves Snow White #DisneyBeauties #cbias #shop
The American Greetings section is when our project really started to take shape.  We saw all of the dazzling princess accessories to transform a room, and I knew it would be a perfect way to change the girls’ bedroom into a princess palace with all their royal friends.  We found the special American Greetings save $3 off $10 coupon:
Sleeping Beauty Coupon #DisneyBeauties #cbias #shop
I helped the girls pick out several room transformation kits:
Seven Shopping #DisneyBeauties #cbias #shop
The party aisle was heaven for Prynne.  She wanted all the jewelry, of course.
Prynne Shopping #DisneyBeauties #cbias #shop
This is what our full cart looked like by the end of the shopping spree.  Those crazy princesses have definitely got the shopping skill down!
Girls Shopping Spree #DisneyBeauties #cbias #shop

Disney Princess Makeover

Once we got home, it was time to begin the Halloween Disney Princess makeover process.  I decorated the bedroom with the amazing window cutouts and wall murals.  Then I got out the dresses:
Sleeping Beauty Dresses #DisneyBeauties #cbias #shop
I prepared some printables for the girls ahead of time, just perfect for the princess makeover.  First, I made the How to be a Princess handout:
How to be a Princess #DisneyBeauties #cbias #shop
And of course, the girls would need to know how to talk like real live Disney Princesses for trick or treating.  I made them a how to trick or treat like a Disney Princess sheet, with lots of helpful things to say to stay in character all night long!
What to say Paper #DisneyBeauties #cbias #shop
Next, I got the girls to apply all their accessories: necklaces, high heels, clip on earrings, princess wigs, tiaras, and purses.
Prynne Necklace #DisneyBeauties #cbias #shopSeven Shoes #DisneyBeauties #cbias #shop
If the slipper fits, wear it!Prynne Shoes #DisneyBeauties #cbias #shop
The wigs and tiaras really added the finishing touches, and no princess makeover is compete without them.
Prynne Wig #DisneyBeauties #cbias #shop
Thanks to Walmart, #CollectiveBias and Disney for the wonderful princess costumes for Halloween!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and Danelle Ice has been compensated by #CollectiveBias #cbias and Disney to create content to promote the release of the Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition DVD gift set. Only Danelle’s honest opinions are given.

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