How Much Should I Be Spending On An Engagement Ring? .com/watch?v=XM5zA54NGMA

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18 thoughts on “How Much Should I Be Spending On An Engagement Ring?

  1. Man oh man some of these comments are cringe! So much controversy on a ring when we all eventually die and only live once 🤦🏻‍♀️ the comments where the men are saying their wife either didn’t want a ring or wanted a plain band so she’s a “keeper” where on earth do you live? 🤣 my question is, what makes you a keeper in the relationship? Do you drive a cheap car? Cook your own meals, do your own washing and cleaning? Etc What seriously makes you such a keeper, that you can’t spoil the woman you love ONCE! It’s an experience that every woman I don’t care who she is wants to experience.
    The women who say they didn’t want a ring, or settled with a $200 band, that’s awesome! But you’re not superior because of it, I’m sure you still have your toxic flaws behind closed doors like every human being, regardless of wanting a ring or not 🤦🏻‍♀️
    it’s just such a joke, especially when if you were presented with a beautiful engagement ring from the love of your life on his knee, you’d probably be in tears of happiness.
    I don’t care what people do, and I’m happy for anyone who gets what they deserve out of life! But goodness! the logic in these comments! You don’t need to go broke for a ring, there are soooo many options out there, but don’t be so cheap over something that I personally feel like women deserve to experience!

  2. I don’t care what ring my soon to be fiancé gets me. Not about the money. People are so materialistic.

  3. I would say one carat which is a nice size and shouldn’t break the bank. You don’t want it so small she’s embarrassed to show it to anyone.

  4. Good info because I’m going to start shopping for an engagement ring 💍 as well and I had no idea where or how to start

  5. I love the advice, it is so practical. My boyfriend asked me to go shopping with him to give him an idea of what kind of ring to get. I am really hoping whatever he gets isn’t super expensive since it just doesn’t make sense to me, but also I want a precocious stone not a diamond lol.

  6. I bought a $130 with life time warranty + tax included on my wife wedding ring 10 years ago, the ring is still on her finger and in good shape and we are having a very blessed life together. I love you my Lena 🌹🌹🌹

  7. Lol. A 21 year old child wanting to get married ‘well, you’re ready’. Papa Dave is the strict voice of reason until people rush to get married and have children. Then DO IT NOW!!

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