HOW many KARATS for this INSANE $400K Eternity DIAMOND Ring? .com/watch?v=C1ZKWw6PVBA

Showing you all an insane eternity ring that can really get a yes Details on pieces like these: ETERNITY RINGS: Watches call here (347) 752-3274 Custom line call here (347)306-3132 Grillz line call here (347)752-3331 #ring #diamond #expensiveTraxNYC is located in New York City’s famed diamond district. We offer the most exclusive pieces and the most unbeatable prices.CHAINS CATALOG: RINGS CATALOG: EARRINGS CATALOG: PENDANTS CATALOG:’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE THE VIDEOCONTACT US: Call us at (212) 391-3832 Get your jewelry at COME SEE US: 64 W 47TH ST, NEW YORK NY 10036FOLLOW US: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TO START YOUR CUSTOM PROJECT? Call us at (347) 752-1312 Email us at [email protected]

23 thoughts on “HOW many KARATS for this INSANE $400K Eternity DIAMOND Ring?

  1. Trax marketing here, asking you guys what type content will you guys like to see in the future? Let us know!

    1. @MaxxYield yea I know the k and c. I’m talkin about gold. Diamonds are for women lol, in my opinion. And ur right, gold content is in karat percentage lol. But i think u know what I meant. Thanks for clarifying for those that don’t understand.

  2. All that money for rocks and dirt’ meanwhile they’re more valuable than money so’

    1. Sorry for writing you, just out of curiosity your page come up on my suggested friend lists so I was just wondering if I knew you from somewhere?

  3. Sounds about right! I just got my wedding band from Tiffany. My engagement ring is moissanite but I wanted my wedding band Tiffany. He’s old money so he offered to pay for it. 😅😅😅

    1. I’m thinking of doing the same thing but worried that there will be big difference when both are worn together. Have you noticed any difference? Where did you get your moissanite?

  4. What is the resale value for those diamond rings? Just curious how well do they maintain their value after purchasing them at retail?

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