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Braces are the most effective and comfortable way for correcting a bite. This is the only orthodontic system which allows for the movement of a tooth in any direction, including turning it axially.In this video you’ll see how braces work. With the help of special glue, braces are attached to the surface of the teeth. Then orthodontists put on a special metal archwire, which is fixed with rubber bands or a special system.The braces themselves don’t correct the position of the teeth. This is done by the archwire. In order for the system to work successfully, the archwire has to be made more elastic.The braces are glued to the teeth in the center of their crowns. Each tooth has its own “personal” brace. The principle of the system is that the archwire, in trying to return to its initial form, very slowly but surely pulls the teeth into the “right” place with the help of the braces stuck to their surface.An orthodontist gradually makes the archwire more rigid to correct the position of the teeth. The replacement of the archwires should be done about once a month on average. In each case, depending on the type of brace system, replacing the archwires may have to be performed more or less frequently.When braces and the arch are not enough to correct the bite, additional elements are also used: various springs of different diameters and purposes, elastic in the form of a chain, and other specific devices. All of these different elements of the braces system aim to give you a perfectly beautiful smile!Via: https://www.icehealthsystems.comMusic by Epidemic Sound: ———————————————————————————————————-Subscribe to Now I’ve Seen Everything : Social Media:Facebook: Instagram: ———————————————————————————————————–More articles:

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    1. @agel espinoza I’m experiencing the same its 2 years now this teeth isstucked. You got okay eventually?

    2. Just got my braces and I’m suddenly scared when I saw the little screws in the gums 💀💀

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