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Today’s Homeworthy episode features the beautiful Connecticut home of renowned interior designer, Bunny Williams.  Bunny graciously invites us to tour her 1860’s Falls Village home and discover her converted barn that was originally a garage, but is now filled with many of her and her husband John Rosselli’s extraordinary antiques.We’ll also see inside her serene studio that was once an an A-frame home that she gut renovated into a modern retreat.You’ll see some of her gorgeous grounds including a sunken garden, a parterre that is just off her conservatory that she fills with plants, plus a large vegetable garden with flowers and herbs. One of our favorite parts of her property is the pool and her pool house modeled after a Greek temple but made of tree trunks.This property is truly a special place and we’re delighted to bring you this Homeworthy episode today. LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to Homeworthy’s YouTube channel for more home tours and design content#hometour #interiordesign #homedecorFollow us on Instagram: Follow us on TikTok: HomeworthyFor more about Bunny visit: Bunny on Instagram:

12 thoughts on “HOUSE TOUR: The Country Home and Gardens of Interior Designer Bunny Williams

  1. I want to be her/ I bought a 1933 old farm house which I have been restoring for 27 years but I run out of money all the time/. I’m so inspired just wish the funding were limitless as windows do so much but cost the same///

  2. We must be identical twins separated at birth . LOVE and agree with her whole look and way of thinking about decorating , & spirit ! ! !

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  4. Breathtaking property! Absolutely beautiful! There was so much I loved. Thank you for the tour and the inspiration it generated!🙏

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