Horslips ‘Furniture’ live at the National Stadium – Dublin 1…

Horslips ‘Furniture’ live at the National Stadium – Dublin 1973
Horslips do ‘Furniture’ live at the National Stadium in Dublin.

As component of ‘The Music Makers’ collection, RTÉ shot Celtic rock band Horslips executing at the National Stadium in Dublin on 13 February 1973.

TonyJohnson, speaker of the songs program ‘Spin Off’ welcomes the target market of a jam-packed National Stadium.

Hey there as well as great night everyone, it’s my extremely wonderful enjoyment to present you to Horslips.

The band requires to the phase as well as Barry Devlin the band’s singer and also bass gamer presents the tune ‘Furniture’.

A kind of track we’ve been providing for fairly a long period of time as well as we still like it so we’re still doing it.

The track is composed by band participant Jim Lockhart and also is

Externally no word play here planned it’s everything about chairs as well as tables, yet there’s deep spiritual, political and also sex-related value in nearly every word, and also thoughtful value too, at the very least so Jimmy states as well as created it and also as no one else comprehends it, he must recognize.

Horslips participants consist of Jim Lockhart on key-boards as well as groove, Barry Devlin on bass guitar, Charles O’Connor on guitar, Eamon Carr on drums as well as Johnny Fean likewise on guitar.

‘The Music Makers’ was an RTÉ Light Entertainment collection which included popular entertainers in both pop and also jazz songs.

This episode of ‘The Music Makers’ was relayed on 28 May 1973. The manufacturer is Bill Keating.

Horslips do ‘Furniture’ live at the National Stadium in Dublin.

21 thoughts on “Horslips ‘Furniture’ live at the National Stadium – Dublin 1…

  1. I saw Horslips at The Morris Stage in Morristown, New Jersey in 1977. They were great and the ticket was $2.00. Those in attendance were also given a 45 on green vinyl – Sure the boy was green/Exiles.

    1. I’m not aware of any connection, Liam.
      As far as I know, the McDaid side of my family came from County Tyrone sometime in the late 19th century.

  2. The drums and keyboard are awful … I love these guys music but the drums and keys ruin the whole thing….

  3. Aww, what a nice clip from the 70s. I remember seeing them play Dearg Doom on TOTP, and had to buy their amazing album The TAIN!

  4. Brilliant song just get your head around it and it makes sense we all know we have choice it’s your own responsibility

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