Home Project Goals for 2022

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Today I’m sharing my long and lofty home project goals for 2022 with you, and I’ve got a free printable to help you set and meet your home goals.

Are you a resolution maker, goal setter, or one-word kind of person?

I’m a goals and one-word kind of girl.

My word for the year is “clarity.”

There are many different categories used for goal setting; financial, health and fitness, family, spiritual.

I want to add another essential but perhaps overlooked category, home project goals.

What are home project goals, you ask?

My definition of home protect goals is a list of projects I believe will make my home more organized and enjoyable and may increase the resale value.

How to create a home goals list

Creating a home project goals list is easy. Grab a notebook or journal, a writing instrument, or download as many of my free printable sheets as you need; walk around each room of your house and take a long look around.

Ask yourself what tasks you need to tackle to make your room look fresher, cozier, more organized, etc.

Write everything down, no matter how small or large the task is. It could be something like buying a drawer organizer for the kitchen utensil drawer or organizing those pots and pans.

You can go as big or as small as you like.

My Home Project Goals list for 2022

I have lofty goals for 2022, and I’ll admit I know I won’t be able to cross off every item, but even if I get half done, I’ll be satisfied.

Without further ado, here’s my list.

Click here to download your free Home Project Goals printable

Print as many of these home project goals sheets as you need to tackle every room in your house this year. Let's go.


  • island makeover
  • replace microwave
  • paint under cabinets
  • install puck lighting under cabinets
  • add over the sink pendant light

Full disclosure: I never finished painting underneath when I painted my kitchen cabinets. (I know) Task lighting is non-existent in this room, and I found puck lighting I want to install to remedy this situation. This will force me to finish painting.

My over the stove microwave is deceased (RIP), which is a big deal since it provides the light and ventilation system.

The builder installed two fluorescent box lights in the middle of the kitchen, so when I’m at my sink, all the lighting is at my back. At night it’s a big deal, especially during the winter months. We have a plan for a light that won’t involve wiring.

Living Room

  • paint walls to match the kitchen
  • paint fireplace insert and tile surround
  • add new pillows
  • sconces over fireplace
  • new artwork over the fireplace

This room needs a fresh look, and the easiest way to achieve this is with paint. I have an open floor plan living room leading into the kitchen, so it makes sense to match the rooms. As you know, Cream in my Coffee is my favorite paint color.

The fireplace truly needs a refresh. The black insert is almost all white, and the tile is dull. Paint is the cheapest fix.

New artwork over the fireplace and fresh pillows should breathe new life into this space.

Powder Room

  • replace pedestal sink with new vanity
  • paint ceiling
  • paint walls and beadboard
  • new flooring? (ambitious but…)

The downstairs bathroom was one of my $100 Room Makeovers. I’ll explain why this space needs a makeover in a separate post.

This will be a ceiling-to-floor job. I have everything picked out, and I can’t wait to get started in there.

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Dining Room

  • repair drywall
  • paint walls
  • new rug
  • new artwork

I have thought about turning this area into a sitting room. We always eat in the kitchen, so having a formal dining area seems like a waste.

While I’m contemplating this, we will repair the drywall we had to open up after the winter storm damage last year and paint the walls.

New artwork and a new rug will round out this situation nicely.

Home Office

  • lighting
  • overhaul filing and storage system

I did a complete makeover in my home office two years ago, so not much is needed. I realized recently I need a better filing and storage system.

We moved a chair from the living room to make space for the Christmas tree, and I decided to keep it. The chair created a cozy reading corner, but it needs a lamp for nighttime reading.

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Boy’s Bathroom

  • drywall repair
  • paint
  • flooring
  • replace door trim
  • paint vanity
  • lighting
  • replace sink faucets

This room needs a lot of help. There’s an issue with the shower design that results in water damage to the drywall and door trim. We’ll tackle this first, then paint the vanity, replace the flooring and install a new light over the toilet.

It’s a small room, so I don’t think the flooring price tag should be too shocking.

Multi-Purpose Room (formerly known as the game room)

  • paint walls
  • artwork
  • lighting
  • small table

This room is almost finished. The walls need a fresh coat of paint, and artwork is still required. A small table and lamps will finish out the space.

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I've written a long and lofty home project goals list for 2022. If I get a third of it completed, I will celebrate.


Master Bedroom/Bathroom

  • new bedding
  • new artwork
  • paint end tables
  • new curtains?
  • paint bathroom vanity
  • new rugs
  • new towels
  • artwork

My bedroom is one room that has not received any attention other than switching out the bedding a couple of times, so it’s time for a fresh color palette and new artwork. I’m also kicking around the idea of painting all the dark wood furniture, but I’m undecided on the color.

The master bathroom was another ill-fated $100 makeover. I painted the vanity, and it was a disaster. I will be correcting this situation! I need to address a couple of storage issues and the rug situation. This room requires the least amount of elbow grease.

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Which Room will you conquer first this year?

Now it’s your turn to tell me about your home project goals. Which room will you tackle first?

If you need someone to come alongside you on your journey, I would love for you to schedule a virtual styling consultation appointment.

Click here to book your appointment.

See you soon,


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